Escape the Chains of #Google+ and #YouTube


Unless you have been living under a rock (which would make you a leftist) you might have figured out by now that Google and YouTube is systematically attempting to erase all conservative opinion from their platforms. This can’t be making anyone happy.

There are alternatives and you should be at the very least preparing for the inevitable. Why has it become so obvious to me? Before the presidential election The Trump News Network was getting between 3-4 million views a week. Today that number is about 35K a week. Google+ is actively seeking to crush our reach so that our message never gets heard.

As most of you know YouTube is doing the exact same thing as well as demonetizing conservative creators. Because they think they are the only game in town. They are not or at least not anymore.

Here are conservative alternatives:

Google+/Facebook/Twitter –

YouTube –

The Trump News Network @ –

And don’t you worry the leftists will follow us there because without us they are nothing.

Let’s put an end to Google+ and YouTube. They are un American and it’s as simple as that.


2 thoughts on “Escape the Chains of #Google+ and #YouTube

  1. I have been censored by both Google+ and Facebook for my conservative values and my exposing the tribe controlling our country and communications at the social level. I left the Bay area of California because of what I saw going on, that slow boiling pot of frogs in the water and the way the jewish factor of liberals behind the curtain pulling strings to raise the heat ever so slowly and to go unseen by the goyhim so not to be accused of what they are up to and yes as I see and yell HEY! what do you think your doing! I am attacked by that community of religious control freaks of the Talmud followers who are destined to control the entire world bury you under shrieks of anti-semite and jew hater! holocaust denier etc, etc…….and yet they have fooled and brainwashed most of America with their propaganda over the years so that now the two main social networks here are controlled by Zionist jews and you better not try to expose them or they will censor you also, and that’s the truth!!! I have challenged many of my friends to do the research for themselves and yes they know but have been pussyfied over time to except the PC garbage started back in the 80’s with the Clinstones! I am glad my eyes are open to see and ask others to investigate why there are so many jews in high government places, and how come they want to take away my freedom of speech, and my freedom to own a gun to protect myself? and along with other of the rights we used to have under the 1st Constitution but have lost being under the 2nd one making us a Corporation instead of a country!!!! Thank the jews and weak congressmen bought out by them caving into the Act of 1871…..the first act of treason on the American public! After looking into this phenomenon about the jews otherwise known as Khazarian Zionists and not the Hebrew tribal Judaic people of the middle east who despise the jews, and follow the Torah instead of the Talmud… must ask the question….why are there no American Indians in government positions in comparison to the jews? and how come the only people placed in congress and the senate are millionaires under the control of APAC and the israel lobby groups! Hmmmm….G+ and FB knows! btu don’t want you to know!!! RIP America Inc.

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