Drums of War: North Korea


It seems pretty clear right now that a military conflict between The United States and North Korea is inevitable. This event could have been avoided had the last administration dealt with North Korea before it had the nuclear capabilities it brags about having today. Given the rhetoric from North Korea it is obvious that something must be done and given the overall size of the North Korean army any action taken by the United States must be devastating without quarter.

Kim Jong-un is clearly mentally unstable. There is no scenario in which North Korea is not turned into a wasteland by the United States and it’s allies. Simply stated, although North Korea may have the ability to launch ICMB’s the rest of their arsenal is badly antiquated. For example the entire N. Korean submarine fleet runs on diesel engines making these subs easy to detect and destroy. Their air force, though high in number is also quite antiquated and as these planes are near the end of their productive lives they have mechanical issues quite frequently.

Both Russia and China have warned the United States against taking military action against N. Korea but these warnings have no real teeth. Neither country is in a position to go against the U.S. militarily. China’s military is a boarder line joke and though the Russians have advanced aircraft they simply don’t have the numbers to go against the U.S. in the skies. More importantly going to war with the U.S. would have a devastating economic effect on both countries for decades to come which could result in the economic collapse of either or both nations.

People die in war and thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands will die. However if N. Korea is allowed to continue its nuclear development program unchecked there is a future potential of millions dying in a war triggered by Kim Jong-un who is without a doubt batshit crazy.

This issue should have been resolved long before now and had it been addressed during the Obama regime before N. Korea was capable of launching ICBM’s thousands of lives could have been saved. That is exactly why the Trump administration must deal with N. Korea now before the number of potential lives lost jump from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Additionally, the failure of the Obama regime to deal with N.Korea properly has emboldened other enemies of the United States who rightfully see the U.S. as a paper tiger because of Obama’s inaction. Iran in particular has been poking the bear looking for weakness and Iran is another country on the verge of building a nuclear arsenal. Wiping N. Korea off the map will send a clear message to America’s enemies across the globe that the U.S. has teeth and if you cross the line with us things will go very badly for you.

Peace is attained through strength alone. Diplomatic solutions are band-aides and delay tactics by our foes to buy them time to build their armies and military capabilities. It also must be known to America’s enemies that attaining nuclear capabilities does not make them immune from America’s wrath. War with NK would go a long way to prevent other nations from trying to acquire such weapons themselves for such a purpose.

Are we going to war with N. Korea? The answer is that we must and we must do it soon while the window of opportunity is open and doing so can still make a difference on the world stage.  If we don’t act now make no mistake, North Korea will act in a future when their nuclear arsenal is a threat to the entire world.


One thought on “Drums of War: North Korea

  1. Because Americans have been so dumbed down and sissyfied by jewish propaganda and pseudo psychiatric babble over the decades and actually believing these lying tribal Khazarian Zionist scum of the earth jews! to the point that we don’t resemble America as it was founded at all and are just a vehicle for jews to use us as their hitmen on the world stage for world wide dominance over the earth as written in the old and new testaments and even in secular recorded history. Not one of my congressmen asked me if I want to go to war with N. Korea ! So much for the lie “WE THE PEOPLE”. RIP USA Inc.

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