What SJW’s Don’t Know


Ever meet a social justice warrior? Frankly I try to stay away from people like that because they have nothing positive to offer me. What do I mean by that?

Have you ever met a SJW who knew how to weld or pound a nail with a framing hammer or could give you good investment advice? I bet you haven’t. In fact if you have met social justice warriors I bet there are a lot of things most adults take for granted like baking bread (3 ingredients) and doing laundry that they can’t do either.

I was watching Bill Whittle on a video make this exact point and it hit me like a ton of bricks. These “people” really don’t know how to do anything. Changing a flat tire must seem like rebuilding a lawn mower engine to them (which is also pretty basic).

In fact a lot of young people in my neighborhood don’t know how to do anything either unless you consider playing video games and looking for trouble skills. But their parents aren’t much better. Look I’m a man and cooking isn’t exactly my forte but I can out cook any woman in my neighborhood. How is that even possible? They should be decades ahead of me in the kitchen but they aren’t. Of course those women lean to the left so ….

I’d like to know how an adult of any age manages to live their lives without knowing what just a generation or two ago people thought were simply basic skills? And yet we have at least one generation of dummies whose only skill seems to be screaming filth at women and children. They don’t even know what civilized behavior is.

So before you allow the next loudmouth SJW to suck you into their bullshit turn to them and ask them…. “Can you change a car tire?” “Can you make bread from scratch?” “Do you know where the electrical breakers are in your home/apartment?” “Do you know how to use bleach in laundry?”

Because in the end these defenders of whatever don’t know how to do shit. No wonder they want communism they are utterly useless as humans.

Remember Moldy Locks that nasty Antifa woman who got punched in the face? She had a coffee shop that went bankrupt. She could lay on her back and take a cock (porn) but she couldn’t even make a decent cup of Joe.


2 thoughts on “What SJW’s Don’t Know

  1. As a part of the old guard or should I say old school. Even though my family split up when I was 11 and then abandoned by my mom, I could have rebelled totally against family and society, but I guess I’m just weird or something. I say that because at that age I learned by my circumstance I had a choice of either sink or swim! My ol man was a rough guy who I didn’t see that often because as soon as he got home from work he went to the Legion hall a couple blocks away to drink all night and I was left alone for the better part of my teen years. Sometimes there was very little food in the house, but my mom left her bettycrocker cookbook behind so I found that to be a great teacher for me in the kitchen, and TV dinners sucked and didn’t fill me up ! Between me and the ol man we needed to eat at least 3 each to fill our guts. I started to watch Julia Child’s cooking show on channel 13 and there began my education in the kitchen and little did I know would be my key to becoming a cook for a high class caterer in California later on in life. Didn’t have video games in the 60’s and only 4 channels on the old black and white Motorola TV , so I used to smoke a joint or do a bowel of hash and read the encyclopedia britannica for hours. My ol man wasn’t the greatest parent, but I have to give him credit and thanx for not teaching me WHAT to think, but HOW to think! So in short I see a whole generation of punk assed pussies who were taught by commie jew professors and grade school teachers to act tough and carry a limp stick! Even at the age of 66 I still go to the gym and work out with my nunchukus metal and wood, and I dare any of the Knock out nigga’s or social justice warriors to screw with me !! because the last thing they will have memory of if they come out of their coma is my face and lights out! I was a power drummer in the 70’s , so the last thing you want to do is face off with a guy who can swing his arms around like I do on a drum set aimed at your face! Spit at me while I’m at a Trump rally minding my own business and it will be the last thing you remember when and if you wake up in the hospital wonder about all the tubes in your arms and being on life support! If only more men would have the same balls we wouldn’t have these little worth less village idiots running a muck on society and teaching the new generation how to be jerkoffs of the nation for the world to laugh at us!. I laugh at people saying but you’ll go to jail if you do that! I say….Yup! but I’ll get free health care, meals, entertainment- TV, gym equipment, housing, laundering service, and I won’t have to mow the f*cking lawn any more !! hell I’m on death row as it is in remission from throat cancer and on disability with only $ 16.00 a month for food stamps to live on anyway. So we can thank the elite scum like Sorros and the entire democrat party here for guiding these worthless little shits and putting them on the road to a life of neutered zombies unable to run their own lives, let alone a country. America is gone! RIP! USA Inc.

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    1. I suggest you take up a hobby to supplement your income. I have found that people often throw away perfectly good bicycles that need little more than cleaning up, a bit of oil, and perhaps a tire patch kit (which can be purchased very cheaply on wish.com. Then sell the bicycles on Craig’s list or OfferUp for free. It’s a thought but dumpster diving can come up with some nice sell-able items that don’t cost you a dime. You’d be surprised what people will buy if you sell it cheap enough.


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