Antifa is Dead in America


I went to YouTube today looking for pro Antifa accounts. Only one could be found and it was so ridiculous that most of the commentators claimed it was just a troll site. Lead by a couple the male of which looked like the kind of dork who probably got his ass beat a lot in high school and some bimbo with big tits showing her ample cleavage (but of course not her face). Most of the comments were in fact about this bimbos tits.

Antifa can’t even capture the internet which is really the only safe environment they have. Across the nation Antifa members are being arrested some facing some pretty harsh crimes guaranteed to result in prison time and a future of struggles in the job market (assuming they ever leave their moms basements).  Not to mention that the people are sick of them and their bullshit fighting back and plowing through their lines in cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Of course we can never ever take or boots off of the neck of Antifa because like all communists they can never be allowed to feel safe in the land of the free. But that being said Antifa has effectively been neutered by the same people they hate so much.

So goodbye Antifa. For a very short time you provided America with open eyes towards the left. You have done more to destroy the left than all the whiny college snowflakes combined. Today you are nothing more that a joke and a source of trolling and comedy.

Thanks for the laughs.


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