It isn’t Russia it is Google


There is no entity that interferes with America elections more than Google (Google+, YouTube, Google search engine), Facebook and Twitter. Every single one of these entities is guilty of influencing elections by preventing conservatives from getting their message out and others from telling the truth. It should also be noted that all of these organizations are run by Jews as is the ADL a Jewish organization which targets conservative content creators.

The reason why these organizations have stopped pretending and amped up their censorship programs with threats to do more regardless of how their users feel about it is because they are seeking to influence the 2018 and 2020 elections because Donald Trump is fighting against their demands of open boarders and social engineering.

What these entities are doing should be viewed as a crime because that is exactly what it is. They should be held accountable for their actions but the 2% of Americans who are Jewish are also the most powerful political force in America. They control social media and the mainstream media which explains that despite the negative reactions they are getting continue on censoring people regardless. These entities no longer behave as companies but as PAC’s.

And you thought Jews were our friends right?

They never have been.


One thought on “It isn’t Russia it is Google

  1. I love technology, but I don’t like how it has been taking over people’s minds and lives and just like a hammer in the hands of a skilled craftsman, it can be a tool for building wonderful things but in the hands of a maniac , it can be a weapon to murder with. Any one daring to go down the rabbit hole of non jewish propagandized history must come to the what I call the Holy Crap! Why didn’t they teach me that in school! Well johnny because their jews! and they think they are little gods and better than you because of what their religion says that they are, the chosen people of the earth, and we the goyhim are their slaves and that’s why the first thing they do when they enter a country is to get into places of power and control so that they won’t get thrown out like all the other countries did. They hate Jesus and have even convinced christians who don’t understand the bible that they are special and are allowed to do what ever they want with no questions asked and the pastors are too stupid and uninformed or uneducated in the ancient languages to keep throwing out to their flocks the phrase ” He who blesses israel will be blessed, and He who curses israel will be cursed”. It’s a lie folks! A big fat Lie !!!! No wonder churches are emptying out all over the country and young people want nothing to do with them. A talking snake in a tree in a garden with a naked chick and a guy and an apple tree having a snack of fruit and all of a sudden the sky turns black and all humanity is cursed? Give me a break! The jews love it that we bought that for ages and it says to them we are a push over and so it has been since they entered this country in the beginning! Even our founding fathers went on record to warn future generations not to let jews hold government positions of power or banking and what happened? …Yep the first thing they did was creep in and now we have a country run by them and the mass public are nothing but scared ass pussies afraid of what others will think or say about them if they expose these vermin for what they really are and that is as Jesus himself said they are children of the devil!!! and that is why they had Him nailed to the cross!!!! It takes Balls! to expose jews and when you do, you better have good protection because they will kill you! That is truth! I have spent 5 years day and night studying about them and now I am being censored by both FB and Google so that I cannot spread the truth about jews. They own the world and because of weak women and men the planet is in the throws of slow death and they the jews are parasites like cancer that will eat the host they live on. I feel sorry for the young folks of today, real history has been buried by the clever propaganda of the elite machines of jewish controlled puppets in all areas of our lives. There’s an elephant in the room and he ain’t leaving. Oh yeah by the way that story in Genesis about what went on in the garden if the truth was told in context according to the Hebraic language, it was a full on sex orgy !! a threesome if you please and Adam joined in when he saw the devil and Eve going at it !!! teach the truth in sunday school but get ready to turn up the AC, could get a little hot!.


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