The Completely Immune Democrat Party


There is no longer any question as to whether Hillary Clinton is guilty of crimes. Even though anyone with an I.Q. of 70 can figure this out on their own there has never been an indictment made against Clinton or anyone on her staff much like the Obama regime. People can read. People can watch videos on YouTube. Everyone now knows some very shady things have been occurring on the left side. And yet instead of going after politicians and their subordinates the media and Washington are completely focused on Trump and his family although no real evidence has ever been presented.

This is how deep the deep state really is. Corruption from Washington and the press has gotten completely out of control and America is as much on the brink as it ever was.

People on Main Street are not stupid and they are seeing how dirty things really are. We plebeians can end up in prison or at least in trouble with the law for the flimsiest of reasons but America’s elite are immune from even the worst crimes. Oh sure sometimes they present us with a sacrificial lamb who is usually some nobody or someone who has fallen out of favor with the deep state and the press but by and large  the left is immune from any real legal threats.

We can’t continue to tolerate this. Yes there are calls for investigations but they never go anywhere. Remember the Benghazi investigations? Who was prosecuted? Who went to jail? No one even though they all lied in Americas face about the incident blaming it on a obscure video they knew dam well was not responsible.

Most people just shrug their shoulders hoping it will either go away or just ignoring it all believing that America is already lost and there is nothing they can do about it and who can blame them. We elected Trump hoping he would drain the swamp but the swamp is going after him with a vengeance and doing everything they can to destroy our president and his family.

It’s time to stop reelecting RINO’s and politicians who have outlived their place in our government. I hear so many people talking about term limits but we wouldn’t need term limits if voters came to their senses and imposed term limits without laws that dictate them.

If you have voted for politicians who have served more than 2 or 3 terms in office then it is on you not some law you wished passed. You keep electing the same scumbags decade after decade like a 16 year old slut who keeps returning to her bad boy boyfriend even though he is sleeping with the entire cheer-leading squad.

The bottom line is this …. you have allowed this to happen. You took the bribes of federal funds continually offered by “experienced” politicians over purely self serving interests. And now you demand laws to protect you from yourselves.

So either take responsibility or stfu because all of this is on you for failing to stop it and allowing it to continue and if you continue to do nothing, nothing is exactly what you’re going to end up with.

And Democrats will continue to be immune from the piper.


2 thoughts on “The Completely Immune Democrat Party

  1. America has lost it’s mooring to the dock of common sense, logic, morality, any form of righteousness, and the list is endless of everything needed to have a successful life of peace and freedom. Instead thanx to jews who have taken over the very fabric of society with their cunning religion of the Talmud to even conquer the Christian church as well as every facet of our nation with all the secret cults that have dominated us as a nation even the founding fathers as they were all of the Masonic order it’s no wonder that the creation of the thousands of laws to control the masses are excluded from the controllers aka government!. The plain truth to the matter is if someone is conducting a dirty unholy act in the presence of all to see, then he or she should be removed from the power they hold, but wait ! here come the lawyers to the rescue and with their ammunition of endless word twisting and will find a way to justify a demonic conduct of the guilty and reverse it to look like what is needed to be done for the betterment of the governed via lies and deceit!. All through history weak men and women have caved to the snake like hypnotic trance of the Jews and Muslims and Catholics and all the cults set out to control us and disarm people of their ability to think for themselves and preserve their lives and the lives of others falling prey to this demonic realm of human monsters. If the truth be told the likes of the democrat followers of today are totally devoid of human dignity and should be shut down and replaced with a party in support of human life and liberty. If we truly lived in the land of the free and the home of the brave then by who’s definition does that come from? There is no freedom! and where’s the brave men and women supposedly protecting us? There aren’t any! They are too busy protecting poppy fields in a land of people who hate us and we have no business in! We have been sold out as a nation to the highest bidder. When someone breaks into your home and says ” You need to get out! because god told me it belongs to me!” I wonder what your response would be? Well.. news flash folks this is exactly what the jews have been doing for centuries and why they of all the tribes and peoples of the world have been thrown out of all the countries they inhabit and with their devilish abilities find the weakest areas of our nature and use it to subdue us. Thus we are slaves to them and all that have fallen to their spell over us. Before anyone accuses me of anti-semitism do the research for yourself and if you are not totally brainwashed by jewish propaganda, then in the name of common sense and logic you must see the truth in what I have said. So in short all of the McCains and Cinton’s and all who in both parties violate the will of the people according to the first constitution should be by force taken out of office and placed in prison or executed for their crimes against the people of our nation. I would put Chuckey Schummer and Feinstien at the head of the line because the are the too loudest scum suckers of the swamp waters trying to take away our guns which is the only force we have to protect ourselves………duh!!!!!! prove me wrong !!! Yeah they just happen to be JEWS!

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