The Truth About Who is Behind it All


There is a group of people who are behind everything, the invasion of Europe, Antifa, the deep state attempt to remove Trump, inciting riots, social justice warriors, BLM, all of it. And the thing is any dipshit with a brain bigger than a walnut can figure this out. It isn’t like they are hiding. The truth is there for all to see and hear and I shouldn’t have to be telling you this, but for most of you I do. Some truths are just so horrible that most people would rather put their heads in the sand than face a very ugly truth in part because there has been a global brainwashing of the people to avoid justice from being served. In fact the brainwashing is so complete that anyone who publicly speaks out about this group will have their lives ruined.

Let’s see if you can figure this out on your own without having to spoon feed it to you and we’ll do this by taking a test to see if you can get this right.

  1. Who profited the most from 9/11?
  2. Who controls most of the world banks?
  3. Who controls the entertainment media?
  4. Who controls the mainstream news media?
  5. Who has thousands of groups in America to protect it?
  6. Who leads the American Atheist organization?
  7. Who is responsible for WWI?
  8. Who is responsible for WWII?
  9. Who was involved in child sacrifices in Europe?
  10. What group of people did the founding fathers debate about letting them become a part of the United States?
  11. Who established the North Atlantic slave trade that brought Africans to the Americas in chains.

In honor of Spinal Tap I’ll end this list at 11 but I could go on.

Do you know what the answer to all of these questions are? If you don’t you are either a complete moron or suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance because the answer is as obvious as the sun rising in the east.

If you answered “Gods chosen people” then congratulations you are not completely brain dead. “Oh but Pat the Jews are our friends!” Is that why they vote overwhelmingly for leftist ideologies? Because they are our friends? Is this how you pick your friends by how many levels of betrayal they lay on you? Perhaps you might be more accepting of the fact if I listed all the congressmen and government officials who have duel citizenship with Israel? What if I listed the RINO’s whose campaign war chests were largely paid for by wealthy Jews even though these same patrons vote leftist? No not even then right?

Because so many of you have been brainwashed since birth you just can’t come to terms with what has been staring you in the face your whole life. Blame the banksters, blame Wall Street, blame the insurance companies, blame Hollywood, blame the mainstream media …… but don’t you dare blame the people who actually control these entities. Because that would require something we see so little of today which is courage. So much easier to sit there in front of your computer screen and just blame some intangible and because of this fear to know and speak the truth these people are never held accountable for their behavior. They continue to do exactly as they please with no chance of being called to the mat over it and they will continue to undermine the West without fear of redemption.

But it isn’t all the Jews Pat? True. And it isn’t all the Muslims who are on Jihad quests or all the Muslims who want to dominate the world either is it? You can’t have it both ways. Either both Islam and Judaism are plagues or neither one of them are. Just because one uses bombs and guns and trucks, and the other uses the media, politicians, and money does not change the results. In fact all things considered at least Muslims are in your face about what they want instead of lurking in the shadows pretending to be our friends.

As long as the plebeians continue to turn a blind eye towards what the Jews have been doing, they will continue to do these things and things will continue to escalate and get worse, much worse. It’s ok though. You can just keep blaming the bankers, Hollywood, MSM, ect. while you watch your civilization being burned down before your eyes.

Maybe the Talmud is correct after all. Maybe the Goy are no better than animals and are here to serve their Jewish masters.



2 thoughts on “The Truth About Who is Behind it All

  1. 5 years ago I started my investigation of the difference between the jews and the Hebrews, and overwhelmingly the answer hands down is that hebrews follow the Torah and the jews follow the Talmud. If anyone as the balls to go down the rabbit hole of real history and it can be not only shocking but exhausting to find out we have been lied to by almost everyone in our lives family, schools, churches, media, etc…..and that jews are not who they say they are at all! Thats why they nailed Jesus to the cross ! Because He exposed them as the children of satan aka the devil! Thats who their real father is and they do as he pleases! They the jews are really Khazarian Mongols and out of desperation to save their sick hides from annihilation at that time by the kings of the other realms around them they stole the religion of the Hebrew race and totally bastardized the writings of the Hebrews. As far as the chosen people goes….well they gave that up and so the real chosen people according to the gospel as presented to me is anyone placing their trust of eternal life in the hands of Jesus the messiah of the bible. I am not trying to turn this into a religious rant at all, just adding a little of the info I have dug up to the stew to enhance the flavor a bit. All one needs to do is read some of the Talmud and examine the genocide being conducted on the Palestinian people after having their land stolen from them by the jews as the world turns a blind eye, and yes! so much for the fake UN ! I look at it as what if I decide to burst through your front door with blazzing gunfire killing half your family and claiming your house and land as mine in the name of my god……..if your anything like me you’d shout oh yeah and drill the bastard and throw his remains in the street! It’s no secret anymore that the culprits and designers of all evil on this planet are the wealthy elites and the ones at the top are the house of Rothchilde the Khazarian jews!

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