LMAO as the Left Destroys Itself

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These last few months since Donald Trump became President of the United States has been the best few months in America’s history. For decades people with open eyes have been shouting from the roof tops that the press has always been nothing but propaganda and that the Democrats have always been working against the values of the United States to mostly closed eyes and minds. Those of us who do research these things and have for years have always known the truth and none of this is anything new to us but to the general population that knowledge did not exist in their wheelhouse.

And we could have gone on screaming on the rooftops while the left convinced everyone that we were just a collection of tin foil hat conspiracy theorists if it hadn’t been for the Democrats and those who support them. The epiphany of the general population finally seems to be taking hold and unfortunately those of us curious enough to do some hard research all the time don’t get to take credit for it. Well maybe a little credit now that people are coming to us for information.

The reason the left is being destroyed is because of the left itself. They thought they had us all over a barrel and after 8 years of Obama’s decimation of Whites and conservatives from the federal government, the left was secure in their belief that they had in fact “assumed control” and would be running things here on out forever and ever.

Then nothing short of a miracle happened, Donald J. Trump decided to really run for president instead of just teasing us with the possibility. Trumps everyman style was a refreshing breath of fresh air to the people, many of whom had completely lost faith in Americas government and in America itself. Instinctively they knew that America was in dire straights and the people were looking for a real champion to save them.

News media sources across the nation realized that Trump was a serious threat to liberal lunacy and globalism long before Trump won the primaries and did everything they could to steer the narrative against Trump but even their phony polls and blatant lies could not save them. It was already much too late. Republicans saw the lineup of 17 or so candidates who were mostly RINO’s and they picked the boldest person on the stage. They picked a real Boss!

Because of the medias deceptions and lies when Trump finally won the plebeians of the left were totally taken off guard. How did this happen? They had prepared for so long. Even while the vote counts were starting to come in the press kept reporting that Trump had no path to the White House and predicted a landslide election in favor of the Wicked Witch of the West. Little wonder these seditionists blew a gasket when they finally realized that their time was over and it was never coming back.

The left loosing its collective mind over the November election is quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to the Republic and certainly without a doubt is the best thing to ever happen in modern times. I would be remiss not to point out that the people who need to be thanked is the mainstream press. Where it not for the press Democrats may have just accepted the results of the election and just went home to lick their wounds but because of the fake polls and the lies convincing them that deathbed granny was a shoe in the left was finally eager and willing to show America its true soul.

Five months of Democrat politicians exaggerations and blatant lies, five months of violence from the left, five months of the heavy dictatorial hand of the European Union destroying ancient civilizations, five months of rioting trying to be passed off as protesting,  five months of watching the press foaming at the mouth hoping desperately to find some way to get rid of Trump have shown Americans what Democrats and the liberals truly are in their hearts and it is ugly, mean, violent and murderous. Any citizen who at this point would even consider voting Democrat should be put in a mental institution and you can expect big losses in the next election cycle for the newly fringe elements of society.

All of these wonderful leftist ideology killing actions, and the best part of it all is they not just did it to themselves but continue to do it to themselves each and every day. It feels like every day is Christmas. Donald Trump has saved America there is no question about that and he can wear that badge of honor if he just sits back and does nothing (which of course he won’t because he’s a hard working man).

So as we all watch the Democrat Party and a host of leftist centric groups completely destroy themselves thank god the we missed the bullet called Hillary Clinton and thank God that the tide has turned and the left has embraced self destruction. Several people have told me that they believe Trumps presidency is an act of providence and as I watch the demons and devils and liars and leeches destroy themselves I can’t help thinking that there can be no other explanation.

Thank you God for blessing America …. again.

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