I Hate Ignorant People


Believe it or not I used to shy away from telling the truth especially in the real world. It is much easier to hide behind my computer anonymously when talking about what is true and what is not because quite frankly some will get violent to protect the lies they have been taught all their lives. But that was then and this is now and over my many years of constant research I have garnered a relatively high level of contempt for ignorant people so much so that in a couple of real life situations I have come very close to being that guy who incites violence and I’m not a violent person by nature (though to be honest between 20 and about 35 I could get violent pretty quickly).

There is no excuse to be ignorant.

I discovered the internet in 1997 when my usual activities were working, fixing and hot rodding cars, truck and motorcycles in my carport, avoiding the wife by hiding in my deep hull 26″ Scotty ocean fishing boat and drinking beer (or sitting on the roof hiding from her drinking beer if it was a nice day, smoking weed and raising hell. Most of my life I didn’t own a telephone or purchase cable T.V. Why would I? I was hardly ever home and when I was home I was busy doing shit. If you wanted to contact me bad enough you’d know enough to see if I was at home or at one of the several biker bars I hung out at or hanging out at a buddies Harley shop.

Once I did discover the internet you couldn’t get me off it. No not because I wanted to watch porn (well ok maybe a little porn cause let’s be honest watching a Mexican donkey show is better than a train wreck) or type nonsense to a bunch of people I didn’t really know, but because I wanted to know everything. All my life I’ve wanted to know everything about everything and I have actively pursued that quest all of my life. In retrospect I probably would have been better off spending my off work time watching football or basketball on TV. I have nothing against sports but for you folks who can’t get enough I just have to wonder how much of your life you have wasted if you know who the players are in the sports you watch. How much more could you have accomplished in your life had you obsessed about something a bit more productive?

I’m not the only person who has this wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Everyone, and I mean everyone does. Any fool can go to their local library for an hour or 2 every day and sit at one of the libraries somewhat vintage computers and learn everything about everything. I’m no rocket scientist, anyone can do this. You can even do it drinking beer and smoking weed. I do that all the time.

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity but the bond between the two is unbreakable.

Back to why I hate ignorant people:

So as I was saying I am no longer reserved about speaking the truth in the real world. I don’t care whether you call me antisemitic, bigot, racist, revisionist, Nazi, a “white male” or whatever else stupid ignorant people puke out of their mouths every chance they get and if you make me care you’ll get a little more than a knuckle sandwich to remind you to be civilized when speaking to others. But when someone starts up with that mocking sarcasm of how they are some kind of knowledgeable person when I know for a fact they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about I’ll take them right to the mat.

We live in a world fueled with lies. Most of those lies come from politicians and the press. That is a fact and if you don’t know that by now you should kill yourself and any offspring you might have that are following your footsteps. But if you know the world is fueled by lies shouldn’t you be seeking the truth? If you know your partner lied to you regularly wouldn’t you  seek out the truth?

This is my process. When I run across a subject or topic that is considered even remotely controversial I start looking for anything I can find on the matter. I read articles I watch, YouTube videos, I ask people in real life questions whom I believe have knowledge on the subject. Some topics turnout to be pretty straightforward and other have taken years of research. I have worked very hard at learning everything about everything. Guess what, I haven’t even scratched the surface. That being said compared to most I have a pretty wide range of knowledge on many different subjects which came in very handy when I was a broker/trader.

But what I really hate most of all are the people who have done none of this, the people who have never questioned their handlers and overseers, the people who believe everything they have been told by someone else, the people who have garnered no real facts about anything and then turn around and defend the lies they think are true. Many do this with a healthy portion of attitude. I have always wondered how our species is ever going to evolve with neanderthals like this taking up so much of the human population.

See the worst part about the stupid and the ignorant is that they are really the driving force in our world. This may be why the elite at times show such contempt for the common man however what they fail to realize through their own ignorance and stupidity is that many of these “common men” know more about the subjects they are supposed to be experts in than they do. Their education pretty much ended after 4-8 years of partying at an adult day care center they call university. Still it is much more than most have and there is no excuse for that.

Universities are obsolete.

That’s right universities are obsolete. There was a time when knowledge was horded by those who had it and the only way to expand your mind was to either go to college or spend your life in a library reading 20 year old books. Now any idiot can turn themselves into a rocket scientist in their own homes or just learn how to weld without spending 5 years as someones apprentice and never stepping foot on a campus. And it is all free.

So why are there still so many stupid and ignorant people? Because they have chosen to be stupid and ignorant that’s why. Thinking hurts.  People who have chosen this path make me sick to my stomach.

There is no better example of a failed life than being ignorant and being ignorant is just stupid.




2 thoughts on “I Hate Ignorant People

  1. I always enjoy reading your articles and have to say RIGHT ON ! I feel so alone here in the treasure coast area of what I refer to as Fladeeda by being surrounded with knuckle dragging morons by choice. As an ex-felon from the 70’s I had a choice to either change coarse or go back to the big house. Well it wasn’t easy as a lot of guys like me will admit having that looming over our heads and just barely making it out of high school. But the choice was being a dumb f*ck drain on society or work my ass off in what ever I do and making my fricking parole officer eat her words to me 40 years ago when she told me i’d never amount to anything! I got my ass into the library back then and learned to read and speak a full sentence without using every obsenity known to man. Since that time back in California of all places I built two companies one restoring and fixing furniture and another installing doors and trim. I adopted a bible verse as my way of life…..As a man thinketh, so he is! I guess facing doing time in Trenton State (not the college) or becoming a productive part of the general populace one looking in a mirror must determine yea or nea….I said yea and have no regrets at all. But my problem now like I said it is very hard to find like minded men and women here in this place who aren’t either married to their iphone or worshipping sports more then intellectual conversation over coffee or a beer away from the I Love Lucy reruns ! Maybe it’s because I through out my tv back in 1981 and decided theres more to life then just existing. I have been told by young folks I should write a book about all I have done now at 66 with all the stories I have. My response is write your own book to share with the next generation but to do that you may need to leave the phone on the table when you go out and look around at the real world, shut that frigging programming box off !!!! and get with real people instead of morons (liberal democrats and pussy assed republicans) and find some good learned company to keep because old sayings don’t get old for no reason…another good one I have always held to is.. Birds of a feather, flock together. Maybe thats why I look forward to your writings every time I check my mail. I better cut it short and just say Right on Pat!

    On Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 1:46 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” Believe it or not I used to shy away from telling the > truth especially in the real world. It is much easier to hide behind my > computer anonymously when talking about what is true and what is not > because quite frankly some will get violent to protect the” >


  2. What else you got to do my friend. Write the dam book. It might help someone if it gets published and if it doesn’t you’ll be better for the experience.


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