Democrats: Hate filled Extremists


Sometimes I feel like I’m on some other planet. Maybe one of the multiple earths science speculates exists but certainly not the one I’ve been living most of my life on. Even during the Vietnam era which I remember vividly, I have never seen the kind of behavior out of Americans that I see today. What has changed? What has made Democrats so bat shit crazy and violent.

The biggest slice of the blame pie obviously gets awarded to the press. Fake news from the press is hardly anything new but not reporting violence properly most certainly is. Who among us would be so quick to defend Muslims if what was really going on in Europe and even here in America was properly reported by the press? How about Black mob violence? Instead we have an agenda driven press that hasn’t come to terms with the fact that a large majority of Americans simply don’t trust the lies they have always told. Lies and half truths from the press is nothing new and all one has to do is read newspapers from either world war to realize that the press have been doing a lot more than just reporting the news. For decades they have been driving a narrative they they have invented. Like during WWI when the press claimed that German soldiers were throwing babies up into the air, catching them on their bayonets, and then eating them.

But the reason the press shoulders most of the blame is because they lied throughout the primaries and throughout the election. Election polls during the primary and election were flat out false with the press cherry picking who they would poll and in almost every case the fix was in with the majority of the people polled being dire hard leftists. Is it any wonder why so many people were surprised at the outcome. Even with the massive voter fraud that was conducted by agents of the Democrat Party I knew Trump was going to win because instead of passively sitting in from of the boob tube being told by the press what to think and believe, I sought out more trustworthy news sources and polls.

Another cause of the radicalization of the left in America is the Democrats voter registration drives. Intelligent people know socialism is bad and communism is bad so you’ll never be able to tell them otherwise mostly because they probably paid attention in history class. So the Democrats went after the very poor, new residents whose mastery of English is minimal at best, and illegal aliens(basically the stupid and the ignorant) with promises of free stuff. Of course that wasn’t enough so they also embraced anyone they could put in a minority box whether that was based on skin color, religion, sex,  economic status or anyone else they could cut from the herd. They did all this for power not to actually help anyone. In 8 years is Detroit better? What exactly did the left do for Blacks except radicalize a very large portion of that population. Don’t worry about your lack of jobs just blame Whites.

And of course we also have Democrats, even those in high offices condoning and promoting violence in the streets and even murder. Across America leftists, progressives, liberals, whatever the hell you wanna call them are destroying property, committing murder, causing physical harm to people just because those people do not believe exactly the way they do.

Finally we have characters like George Soros and Beyonce Knowles financing these radicalized leftists and telling them how to behave like zoo monkeys throwing feces at passers by.

What can be done?

First of all the money flow needs to stop so Soros and Knowles need to be investigated and their financial assets frozen. Many of these violent thugs in the streets are being paid to cause violence and others aren’t simply being paid but are being given food and shelter plus that paycheck for their violent behavior.

Second these “protesters” need to be rounded up and the full might of the law brought against them. I’m talking real and serious prison time here. These people are committing crimes against both their fellow citizens and our government and in many cases these people should be tried for sedition. It’s enough already and if they don’t have the moral fortitude to behave as decent citizens then they need to be removed and locked up like any other criminal. Americas prisons are full of people who have done a lot less than some of these bike lock wielding terrorists.

Thirdly we need to fire some teachers. A lot of teachers both in primary and secondary education who have been feeding their students a manifesto that encourages them to disrespect our government, voters, and our way of life. Or we could just drag them out into the streets and show them what a firing squad looks like. I’m good with either one.

And finally we need call these people what they are, terrorists and treat them as such. No more of this “college kids” bullshit they aren’t kids they are adults and just because they behave like spoiled children doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be called exactly what they are and be forced to pay the price for their radicalized behavior.

In fact while we are at it maybe we should hang a few of them and broadcast it on national TV as a warning to anyone else thinking about becoming a home grown terrorist.


2 thoughts on “Democrats: Hate filled Extremists

  1. The one thing I always look for is who is in charge here? The answer is very simple but very difficult to say without all the accusations of being anti Semitic along with all the other words such as bigot, xenophobic and so on. But the Jews own the Unted States Inc. And they run the media as well as all the government, so just read the Talmud and stand back to see what they are doing to this land we call America, and if people’s can’t see it it is because they have been hypnotized and brain washed by Jew propaganda since birth. What we call America must be distroyed to make way for the New World Order/ Ancient Babylon…….and it will happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it! It is the will of the Jews and to prove it, just try and get them out of office and vote an American Indian in…..lots of luck with that one! JEws are the modern day Khazarian Mongols not ancient Hebrews, but then to understand that one must go down the deepest rabbit holes of history available to us for now before the Jewish censors get rid of that part of history. TIme for a stiff drink! Long live the queen our real ruler and the Rothchildes the gods of earth!

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  2. I used to feel a little guilty about speaking the truth but over the years I have garnered a pretty significant level of contempt for people who don’t know the truth.


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