Social Network Nomads


It all starts so sweet an innocent. Oh look a new social network! In the beginning every social network online is pretty much the same. Sure aside from porn you can post anything you want come on in. Get comfortable. Have a seat. Relax. Check out our services. We really want you here. But that attitude doesn’t last very long.

Once the social network you start getting accustomed to starts doing well the bait and switch takes place. In small little increments you probably either won’t notice or decide to overlook your new online social network begins to assume control. I have watched the same scenario unfold on 3 different social network sites so far Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The more popular they get and the deeper they think they have their claws in you the more they start enforcing content control or in layman’s terms censorship.

What these social networks have created is internet social network nomads. Hang onto a site until it becomes unbearable and then move on. How many people who are reading this right now on Minds or Google plus once had Facebook accounts but do no longer? Or a Twitter account. Or (in the case of Minds) once had a Google+ account? If your comments to me over that last few months are any indication it is quite a few of you.

At the moment is the new kid in town drawing a plethora of YouTube celebrities who are sick and tired of being constantly censored by the evil 3 and one can only hope that Minds continues to be a place free of censorship but given the trend they too may end up trying to control their users.

The sad part is that you have to be eternally vigilant if you want to be free to share your opinions and the opinions of others. These social media sites have determined that some opinions are dangerous and that they have the inherent right to control you. See you are the product. You are what they are selling and though a farmer might let 20 cows run free, if he has 1000 then those cows may never leave the barn. That is why they are so nice at first because they lack product to sell but once they have enough cows in the barn it is time to cull the herd.

I hope I don’t have to tell you how dangerous this is on a social and political standpoint. The more ideas and opinions that are quashed the more totalitarian our world becomes. That is after all what the big social media sites are promoting, internet totalitarianism and it gets worse every single day.

Computers and the internet were supposed to make our lives easier and freer. Well at least that was the promise but even the internet at large follows this pattern. Let’s be honest folks, porn built the internet and guess what will eventually happen to the internet porn industry. They were used to build the internet just like you were used to build social networks but once the building is up the user controls start kicking in.

And it is just going to keep getting worse so pack up your tent and water your camel because unless you’re as brain dead as a social justice warrior …. you’ll be moving to another social media site sooner than later.



2 thoughts on “Social Network Nomads

  1. Once again.. Circle gets the square! I have only been on computer for the past five years because my friends told me to join this Facebook thing to keep in touch. Well I did, and yeah it was good for finding old friends and meeting new ones of like mind, but I have been censored so many times and put in FB jail for a week or two for speaking the truth especially about the control the Jews have over what we think is America…..oh dang! I forgot FB is run by Jews and you can say anything you want against white Anglos but don’t you dare talk truth about blacks, illegal Mexicans, Jews, aggotfes( pig Latin ) and off the wall liberals to name a few. Now on forced retirement due to throat cancer I try to stay active but some days it is hard to get out and do things because of the god awful heat and humidity here in Fladdeeda… I might just hide inside and chat with some people on line until…..yep! I throw out the truth on a subject and then let the beatings begin!!!! Well my MacBook Pro blew the mother board and I am trying to use my iPad but have found it to frustrating with neuropathy in my fingers from chemo to type with. At least I have a couple good places to go to on the net like your page for like minded thought in the realm of common sense and logic to let me know I am not alone. AT 66 now pretty much used up working all my life paying taxes to Israel by way of the federal reserve and the IRS…….aka fake American government….I now can see why the social media sites don’t want guys like me to expose what’s really going on to the younger folks. Thanx for the blogs and I know when I post them on jewggle or gaybook some one is reading them.

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