D.C. Comics, Entertainment or Propaganda?

dc comics

Recently Marvel Comics has come under a bit of heat for what has become their lineup of movies and T.V. shows drifting a bit too far into the social justice arena. In most of their T.V. programming it isn’t easy to find a couple in a romantic relationship that isn’t interracial or gay. Nothing wrong with interracial or gay relationships for the most part but when almost all of the sexual relationships on numerous shows are interracial or gay you can’t be shocked when people start turning you off. Of course that is just a minor infraction compared to some of the other social justice themes Marvel pushes, interracial and gay relationships are just a fun example.

D.C. Comics is Marvels competition in the super hero movie and television world. They too push political agendas just like Marvel. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just focused on entertaining us.

I love stories about super heroes so I watch just about everything Marvel or D.C. has to offer. Happy to see season 5 of  The Green Arrow come up on NetFlix I couldn’t wait to find the time to watch it …… and then I saw episode 13. Now bear in mind I’m quite used to seeing a lot of progressive hogwash in superhero movies and T.V. shows but episode 13 really made me want to hurl chunks and soup. Let me share the basic outline of the story with you.

The location is Star City a crime ridden dangerous place to live full of meta humans (people with extraordinary abilities like flying), vigilantes, assassins, space aliens, time travelers … you name it. A guys wife and daughter get killed in a shooting at the local mall. He takes an AR-15 to City Hall, makes it all the way to the mayors office and kills 7 people. Eventually the City Hall shooter gives himself up nonviolently, gun control regulations are passed even though they would have changed nothing in either shooting, and it ends with a kumboyah moment and candles.

Now the story line itself is obviously trying to make some statement but what will surely grab your attention is the flat out lies the story claims are facts. The AR-15 is not a military grade weapon or an assault rifle yet D.C. Comic writers claim it is and unlike some of the other statements made on the show while they are trying to pretend to give both sides a fair shake, this point is not contested by any of the characters. Another statement made by the show was about Blacks being more likely to be murdered without mentioning that they are more likely to be murdered by other Blacks. Instead the blame is on the tool which in essence is what a gun is. See by making it appear that both sides are getting a fair shake you’re not supposed to notice the tear jerking music or the uncontested points which are fundamentally incorrect being pushed by the shows writers.

And let’s be honest here, violence and sexual innuendo aside it is mostly kids and young adults watching these shows. Kids and young adults who are being fed lies and a political agenda from programming based on comic books. And we wonder why so many young people fall into the social justice warrior mindset. While you were doing something other than teaching them their minds were being filled with “programming.” And you’ll find some of the same political agendas in all programming aimed at younger people.

I hope that season 5, episode 13 of The Green Arrow is the worst show D.C. Comics ever does. It was a bit over the top even for indoctrination T.V. That shit don’t bother me because most of the crap on T.V. is pretty much propagandized anyway. I’m also mature and knowledgeable enough to shrug most of it off. What bothers me are the developing young minds that are watching this kind of programming and not having the experience and knowledge to shrug it off as typical liberal Hollywood mind forming.

The only way to combat this is to watch T.V. with your children. When I was a kid the T.V. wasn’t on unless the entire family was sitting in front of it. Well except for Saturday morning cartoons which we got to watch a couple of hours of with limited supervision. My dad used to call it the idiot box. He was right then and he’s even more right now. So before your kids turn into something you don’t recognize anymore … pay attention to what they are watching.


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