Evergreen State: The College that Never Was!


Snuggled up in the hills of Olympia, Washigton among the evergreen trees is a tiny little summer camp that somehow manages to parade itself about as a real honest to goodness college. Well it isn’t and it probably never was. This is not a school of academia, this is a camp where you send your arrested development brats while they try to figure out what if anything they want to do with their lives. As long as it gets them out of the house who cares right. Let the incessant whining end!

And while your insanely juvenile young adult is working on their social justice studies and pottery classes they will be raking up a very nice student loan bill they will never be able to pay off because a degree from Evergreen State is worth less than the paper it is printed on. I don’t believe I have ever seen an ad for college level pottery makers or recent graduates with social justice degrees.

Fridays at Evergreen Winter 2017

What gets me is that Evergreen State is a Christian college. By all accounts this college is literally set up as a leftist indoctrination center and given the condition of the dorms as opposed to the part of the college they use for display, I would suspect that a good detective wouldn’t have to dig very deep to find some kind of malfeasance of funds somewhere.

All of this information I have acquired through the testimonies of current and former students of Evergreen State College. They paint a very clear picture of the kind of educational scam you might see advertised on Jerry Springer. You know the kind that claim they’ll prepare you for a field in the workplace that promises high pay, easy placement, and an upwardly mobile future. The kinds of classes no one ever graduates from and even if they do they find out very quickly that going to those classes didn’t help them get a job.


See the job of secondary education is not to teach young adults pottery. It is not to teach them that one political ideology is best. It is not to make things easy on them because nothing will be easy after college. College is there to toughen you up for the real world. To give you the tools to get your foot in the door of some profession that might pay your bills. It is an introduction to the adult world.

Instead Evergreen focuses on communist rebellion, smoking weed, and floating through the experience as if it is a dream. And the day you graduate you’ll be no better off than the day you began except that a few years of your life have been wasted at summer camp for adults. But at least by the time you do graduate you’ll know what it is like to live in a seedy hotel or prison as many of the students who stayed in the dorms described them. Because with a degree from Evergreen that is where you are most likely to end up.

Unless of course mommy and daddy bail you out ……. again.


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