Bill Maher said What?


I don’t like Bill Maher. Never did. I thought he was a lousy actor and an even worse comedian. No not because he’s a flaming liberal I happen to like a lot of flaming liberal comedians. They are easy to laugh at. Bill Maher sucks and his drift into talk show hosting is proof that he sucked as an actor and comedian. Christ he’s on HBO the same crap on AMC and TBS but pay a monthly fee for it network. In the last 10 years they have had like 2 hit shows so Maher is right where he belongs. Sucking on HBO.

Maher is coming under a lot of fire lately because he used the word nigger while making a joke. In the land of free expression and free speech Maher is facing the villagers torches for using a word that is Verboten! The thing is, although Maher’s standup routine sucks, in the context in which he used the term nigger, he was actually pretty funny. Bill Maher funny? Well even a broken clock is right twice a day.

So what’s the big deal anyway. Yes I get it he’s a flaming liberal socialist fucktard who wears the socialist sigil like some kind of badge of honor so if anyone should be fried for saying nigger it should be him right? But wait, doesn’t that make us the same as him? How are we any different than the race hustlers and baiters if we start calling for him to lose his job or be publicly shamed.

Remember what you have learned about leading by example?

I’m not going to chastise Bill Maher for using the word nigger (heck I’m not even sure what it means anymore) and especially using it in a funny joke. Coming from someone who uses the word nigger on occasion, and I do, it would be pretty hypocritical to do so. More importantly I don’t think it is very patriotic to do so no matter how much of a hypocritical asshole he is. What does freedom of speech mean if we aren’t willing to protect those who exercise it. This was not a call to violence like so many politicians, celebrities, and mentally ill leftists have proposed lately. Those losers don’t seem to be getting into any trouble over it. What is worse Bill Maher using the word nigger or a college professor hitting someone in the head with a bike lock?

So Bill although I sincerely hate your fucking guts you not only get a pass from me I will also defend your right to say stupid shit like you most often do.


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