The Three Time loser: Hillary 2020


You just can’t make this kinda thing up. According to several reports Hillary Clinton will be running for president in 2020. Really. This is the world you live in now it isn’t a dream. What was it they call someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Oh yeah that’s right, stupid.

Now let’s see, she got schlonged by a virtual unknown with no real experience in 2008 even though every media outlet thought she was a shoe in when the primary season began, she almost got schlonged by a socialist Jew during the 2016 primary and probably would have if the DNC did not help her cheat, and she got schlonged again by Donald Trump after being declared a shoe in by the press in 2016. If Clinton actually runs, and baring an untimely death most believe she will, it will be her third run at the presidency.

If you’re looking for the funny part of this story it is that the Democrats have no one else. What Pocahontas? As a junkyard dog she still manages to be someone relevant but she’d get crucified online and even quite possibly in the press. Other than a couple of guys who have one foot in the grave (and that batshit crazy idiot in New York) can anyone actually name a Democrat Party politician that hasn’t been successfully branded as batshit crazy?

Democrats have nobody else. They are probably begging her to run. They need someone who can take a fall and no one is more fun to watch falling than Hillary Clinton. It isn’t as if the Democrats have any hope of winning in 2020. Their entire party and supporters have come off as power starving lunatics who have no respect for America or American way of life. They know they can’t win so why waste anyone who might win in 2024 by pushing them into a race they probably can’t win. It’s called the long view.

So here we go again Madam Hackingupalung against a President the King of Saudi Arabia pulls out all the stops to impress. A criminal who has more excuses for being a two time loser than Carter has pills (an archaic reference to over the counter back medication) going up against rock concert rallies guy. Yeah that’s gonna turnout good for her ……. again.

On the plus side Hillary is doing to her daughter Chelsea exactly what she did to husband Bill. I mean if Chelsea has any political aspirations exactly what is she going to run on her three time loser criminal mother? “Yes mom taught me all I know!” Or perhaps her coked up perverted father of an impeached president? Hillary could have been the part of the foundation of a Clinton dynasty, you know like the Kennedys or Bushs. Instead she reigned over its demise.  Given all she has done for her family just imagine what she could do for the country or even the world given the power.

But no worries here folks. Hillary is supposed to take a fall and she’ll probably get richer doing it. As far as justice is concerned? Going down in history as a three time loser forever and ever …… it’s like winning the lottery.




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