Opinion VS. #FakeNews VS. Political Comedy


Whether true or not conservative and liberal internet and television news entities slam each others organizations for statements made by each others associates as the agenda of their competing organization. This in fact is a subtle form of censorship (like unconscious racism). By branding an organization with the opinions of some of their associates, they try to subtly convince their own audience that the periodicals they are in competition with should not be viewed. Of course by doing this some of their own viewers will go to the competition out of curiosity and/or to often with their own bias, confirm the assessment. But the trade off can be minimal as for example the full press attack against FOX News which has resulted in hordes of people having an opinion about the news organization without ever haven taking the time to watch enough of that networks programming to make a reasonable judgement themselves.

This would be little more than a humorous sideshow of competing sources of what is usually entertainment if it wasn’t for the #fakenews fad which has engulfed the Free World. What is #fakenews is without the lawyer speak self explanatory. At least to normal people on Main Street it is. For you intellectuals who can’t seem to define anything or who make a habit of redefining everything, #fakenews is an organization or report that is presented as presenting factual information but that is playing fast and loose with the facts and cherry picking facts to promote an agenda or that is straight out lying.

It would appear that on the internet as well as in the corporate world the ability do discern #fakenews from opinion or political comedy is almost nonexistent. Take for example a YouTube account called Trump Mafia. If you have ever viewed this account you’ve probably realized that it is run by an average citizen who is better informed than most average citizens and who uses what he has learned to express his own personal views and do so largely through political comedy. No one in their right mind would believe Trump Mafia is a news organization because although it is often informative it is entertainment. No different than any comedian who is onstage giving their own comedic views on politics. Yet after a few complaints from internet trolls Trump Mafia was deleted and like so many others before him the operator had to start from scratch again.

The #fakenews witch hunt isn’t just incapable of determining the difference between #fakenews and comedy but also can’t tell the difference between real news and #fakenews either. Again using YouTube as the example take Colin Flaherty who is an award winning freelance reporter and author who has been praised by no other than Harvard professor of economics Dr. Thomas Sowell. Flaherty complies news stories from both print and television to shed a critical light on a subject that has rarely seen any honest investigation. Yet even he struggles with keeping his channels up and running on YouTube.

I could easily name a number of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ accounts that have disappeared or been suspended over these sites inability do discern the difference between #fakenews, opinion and political comedy.

But what all of this really boils down to is a lack of faith in the people themselves. All people. What these organizations are clearly implying is that the people themselves cannot be trusted to know the difference between fact, fiction and ….. assuming it is still not illegal to have and express one, opinion. This way of regarding the public at large is perhaps best summed up by a character Kevin Spacey plays (President Francis Underwood) on the hit Netflix show “House of Cards”:

“The American people don’t know what is best for them. ….. They are like little children …. We have to hold their sticky fingers and wipe their filthy mouths. Teach them right from wrong. Tell them what to think and how to feel and what to want. They even need help writing their wildest dreams. Crafting their worst fears.”

You should be offended.


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