Dear Whites, Blacks want to Kill You!


The other day I was doing some research about White genocide in Africa. Two countries in particular stood out South Africa and Zimbabwe. The level of Black violence is so horrendous that if I posted any of it here it is highly likely that I would get banned permanently by several social media sites. We aren’t just taking about rape and murder here, as if rape and murder isn’t bad enough we are talking about the worst kinds of torture you can even imagine. Stories of young daughters being gang raped, tortured and murdered over several hours while one or both parents are kept alive just long enough to see it all happen to their children before facing the same ending themselves. What is going on in Africa to Whites makes Freddy Kruger look like a saint. Of course you have to go looking for this kind of information yourself because disclosing this information goes completely against the false narrative that the news media and the globalists are trying to create.

These people who are being butchered by the human animals are mostly farmers. As most of us are aware there is a lot of starvation in Africa so these barbarians are killing off the hands that feed them literally.

It isn’t just roaming bands of two legged beasts doing this either. In both South Africa and Zimbabwe there is a major push by these governments not just to encourage this kind of behavior but to take these farmlands away from these White people without compensation. Many of these people have farmed these lands for generations feeding the hungry people of Africa and providing a sold economic base for these countries. And sadly, to date no European nation is willing to take these Whites in as political refugees and why would they. Very few people know what is going on there and I’m sure if anyone said anything about it some race baiters would claim racism.

As thoroughly despicable and disgusting as these acts are, and they most certainly are, what really got my attention was the thousands upon thousands of comments attached to these videos from what would appear to be American Blacks. Are they also disgusted about the rapes, murders, tortures and other unspeakable acts committed against these Whites? Not remotely. In fact they cheer these animals on congratulating them for creating this hell on earth. “Kill those White devils” was the most common responses to these videos.

Black violence against Whites isn’t just out of control in Africa either. The award winning author Colin Flaherty has written 2 books on Black on White violence in America, “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry” in which he proves without a doubt that Black on White violence is extremely out of proportion in America. He also has a YouTube channel which reports every single day about Black and Black mob violence against Whites and Asians across America.

But it isn’t just a Scottish guy who is trying to get this message out either. Tommy Sotomayor who is Black himself also makes videos on YouTube putting light on this issue and according to him Black women are every bit as violent if not more so than Black men. This has reached epic proportions in our country and no one seems to be able or willing to do anything about it. Given what these two men, one White and one Black, have recorded Whites (and Asians) should avoid groups of Blacks and even Blacks in general as much as they can.

So why isn’t the mainstream media reporting these incidences? Initially or at least a few years ago it was explained that this is not news. What “they” claimed was it happened so frequently that people got tired of hearing about it. Kinda like reporting a sunrise. It happens every single day so one cares. In recent years however the news media has been pushing an agenda and have either completely ignored these incidences or in the case of Black mob violence refer to the perpetrators as “youth” or “teens” or whatever else will deflect attention away from these fact that this criminality is being carried out by Blacks and Black mobs. It is no different in Europe where instead of referring to rapists and murderers of women and children as Black Africans, they are usually referred to as “refugees.”

In the end it comes down to this, if you are White, Asian, or frankly any race that is even remotely light skinned it is in your best interest to avoid Blacks as much as possible and if you see a group of Blacks get away from them as quickly as you can especially if you are in a large city. I’m not saying all Blacks will rape and/or kill you but is it really worth the risk given how a very large percentage of Blacks behave?

But hey why believe me. You can watch some Colin Flaherty and Tommy Sotomayor videos every single day and see for yourself. You can go to YouTube and watch films about South Africa and Zimbabwe and see for yourself. You can read the thousands of comments by Western Blacks supporting the rape, torture, and murder of White men, women and children yourself … and you should. You should know what is going on in your country and in your world before the social media sites and YouTube delete it all because both social media sites and YouTube work tirelessly to remove any evidence of these crimes against humanity from the internet.

And when you are finished doing all that you can ask yourself whether it is worth risking your life and the lives of your spouse and children just to be politically correct.



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