The Importance of Christianity

These days being atheist or agnostic is all the rage and both have become religions of their own with their followers acting as modern day evangelists to promote their godless dogma. Anti-God followers like to claim science is on their side even though most scientists in fact believe in God. Of course these are the same people who can’t understand economics or human nature so there are no surprises here. Fortunately these same people tend to not procreate enough to sustain their numbers so eventually they will die off.

Why are atheists and agnostics a problem you might ask? Well perhaps that isn’t the right question. The right question is why is Christianity so important?

As  some of you might know that during the latter part of the 8th century the French King Charlemagne sent his troops throughout Europe and forced Europeans to convert to Christianity and if they did not he slaughtered them plain and simple. Many chose death and back then life wasn’t worth shit so they were killed. Charlemagne and his armies were ruthless and Europe was to become a Christian continent.

But Charlemagne knew something that the famed atheist evangelist Richard Dawkins only recently realized and that is hell was and even now is coming. You see Charlemagne’s grandfather was the French prince  Charles Martel fondly referred to as “The Hammer”. Martel was the first European to defeat an invading army of Muslims that had conquered Spain and would have conquered the rest of Europe had The Hammer not stopped them. The prince understood Islam more than even most people do today and he knew they would be back and would eventually conquer Europe if something very drastic didn’t happen. These ideas he of course passed on to his children and the rest of the French court.

You have to understand that at that time Europe was happy to be basically like the American Indians. A bunch of separate nations and tribes all with different beliefs and customs. Had it not been for Martel and Charlemagne uniting Europe under one religion the exact same fate of those who were in the Americas when the Europeans arrived would have happened to Europe. What Christianity did was unite and entire continent which in turn prevented it from being conquered from outside forces. These Frenchmen saved the world from being conquered by Islam and yet today we see the French totally surrendering to this barbaric and brutal death cult.

The same scenario is being played out today. Or as the worlds leading atheist and evangelist for atheism stated not so long ago:

“I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity in so far as Christianity might be a bulwark against something much worse”

Maybe Dawkins should have thought about that before he started his crusade against Christianity. Though he might now be struggling with both an epiphany and cognitive dissonance he could have simply picked up a history book at any time and realized that his lifes work turned out to be a destructive factor in the West. With millions of other two dimensional thinkers following this fools lead his efforts have worked to divide the people not unite them thus making America and the West weak and prime for conquest. Europe is already gone.

The fruits of his labor are everywhere. Riots by masked morons in the streets. Christians and Christianity under attack from all sides. These are not things modern Christians do. Modern Christians also do not kill their babies because they know God would definitely not approve. End game results are obvious to anyone with more than 2 cells of grey matter.

America was founded by Christians on Christianity and Christianity alone and it made us strong and united as a people. Todays America based on secularism and has become a weak mess.

You need to get your ass to church whether you believe or not and support Americas churches and their teachings before it is too late. The “much worse” that Dawson spoke about is just around the corner. It is called Islam.

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One thought on “The Importance of Christianity

  1. Hmmmmm…..I’m no fan of old green teeth Dawson, but through all my research on Jews who own us, not Hebrews but Jews and all our ruling elite presidents kiss the ass of Jews since the beginning of what we think is America but in reality is jewmerica! A corporation designed by Jews and forced on the people here of the colonies of which are a part of the matrix of Jew lies and the massive control of the world elites bowing to the real kingdom of the Rothchildes over the people of the world. The so called Christian church has bowed to the teaching of and follows the God of the Jews known as Dagon the fish God . I come from an atheist background but no longer hold to that because of many things that have happened to me of supernatural in circumstance. The main thing I have noticed is that out of 31 churches in my area of Florida, they all are just a religious club violating almost all the scriptural commands and so the hypocracy is to strong for me and the modern day church has turned out week men afraid to kill the enemy at the gates! Trump is no different then all the others and has already show himself to be a follower and worshipper of the god called Mammon, which by the way is the name of the demon of money. What don’t know is Trump is the president of the American corporation and not a country, in reality he is our CEO! A good read on thi is a book by retired federal judge Dale called The Great American Adventure Secrets of America and his other works The Matrix and the US Constitution, both can be found on As far as my ass in church goes, well no thanx! I’ll save my money and gas and sleep in late and get all I need from the 10 commandments and the sermon on the mound!

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