Back in the U.S.S.R.


What year is this? I’m beginning to wonder myself. Between the fake news mainstream media and the Democrat Party I’d have to estimate the year to be roughly 1965. For those of you who don’t know 1965 was one of those years where part of your monthly school activities was going out into the hallway and sitting with your head between your legs ready to kiss your ass goodbye if you saw an orange glow on the horizon.

Leftists want us to believe that todays Russia is the same as the U.S.S.R. of 1965. You know that place of communism leftists so admire. Wait what? Leftists admire communism but condemn communism at the same time? So even though you people praise communism you also use it to try to discredit others you don’t like? This can only make sense to someone with a mental disorder.

The truth is todays Russia is not the Russia of 1965 and it hasn’t been since the Regan era. Russia is no longer the godless, totalitarian country it once was. Todays Russia is a bastion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Capitalism has replaced communism and the people there vote for their leaders. So why are they still viewed by the media and the left as the enemy?

Russia has friends and we have friends and like good friends we protect our friends just like they do. We spy on Russia, Russia spys on us just like Israel does and yet Israel isn’t the enemy. America regularly attempts to interfere with the elections of other countries and there is never any punishment for doing so. When Russia is accused of the same (and there is no proof that this is true) it becomes grounds for WWIII? Really? This must be what peace and love means to Democrats who expanded the Bush era wars and instead of owning that blamed Bush.

It is time to stop treating Russia as the enemy. We have a common enemy Islam. America didn’t have much of a problem with being allies with Russia when they were communist during WWII and clearly Islam is a bigger threat to civilization than Germany ever was.

The truth is Russia wants to be our friend and wants to work with us to rid the world of Jihadists at the very least. Instead of working with them we approach them with a 1965 mentality. How long does a country have to reject communism before we get over it? It isn’t just the Russians that suffer from America’s unchanged view of it but America itself. The truth is we could use their help in dealing with Islam and better communications and a better relationship with Russia would make the world a much more peaceful place and of course we might actually be able to spend a bit less of our taxpayer dollars on the military. Hey wouldn’t that be nice.

Frankly I think most Americans think the left is batshit crazy on this an many other issues. The only people who think Russia is still a big threat to us are over 80 years old much like the leadership of the Democrat party. Not a huge constituency here to tap votes from and being a bit older they aren’t as easily swayed to stupidity as todays snowflake college students are (or even worse their moron professors).

What we are seeing here is an ideology that doesn’t believe its own bullshit. They will say anything and do anything and throw any shit they can muster up against the wall to regain power. Truth and logic have no relevance to these people the only thing they care about is power and control to their own demise as they are so obvious about it that even some of their supporters cringe at the comments their leaders make regularly.

If the Democrats believe that this path is the path to regaining any of the seats they have lost during the last election in 2018 they are disillusion. They have clearly exposed themselves for what they truly are and there’s no going back now. They have proven themselves to be obstructionists and Americans aren’t going to put people like that back in power. They have proven themselves to be power hungry and unreasonable and again the American people will not elect people with that kind of mindset. In the end Democrats and leftists are committing political suicide which is great news for civilization as a whole.


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