Americas Criminal President


America has had some colorful presidents since the Revolution. Some good, some bad, some honest Abes. One could also make a very good case against several of America’s presidents that they violated the spirit if not the law of the Constitution. A few just blatantly broke the law something about executive privilege. And yet after 45 different presidents the one whose criminality can not be denied is number 44 the sort of Black guy. I say “sort of Black” because when it became clear to many in the Black community that Obama’s stewardship would not benefit them, several Black leaders started claiming he wasn’t really Black because of his whore mother. And yes Stanley was a whore this isn’t just political rhetoric. Her less than conservative sexual adventures were exposed several years ago.

Barrack Obama did much more than just violate a law or two. Obama was clearly more interested in subverting Americas entire political system. Right from the start Obama started working on the deep state by replacing anyone he could with leftists and/or those connected with The Muslim Brotherhood. Obama purged in any way he could any who didn’t goose step with his radical far leftist ideologies including several generals and admirals. According to reports those who would not commit to firing live rounds at American citizens by the order of the Commander in Chief were purged from the military ranks. Basically if you worked in any branch of government and you even questioned the leftist ideology you were replaced by a useful idiot.

Just so you understand how quickly Obama set upon his task, throughout Obamas terms as president, the United States government was producing false economic and housing data to make it appear as if Obama’s policies were working when they were in fact failing miserably. Just prior to the 2012 election our government produced data that suggested that the housing market had bounced back when it in fact had not. It still hasn’t done so after 8 years. They also produced relatively low unemployment statistics without taking into account anyone who wasn’t taking unemployment benefits and those whose benefits had expired and were still unemployed. The real truth was that almost 100 million Americas were no longer in the work force out of a 300 million population. That is some fancy book cooking going on there.

The result of Obama’s actions is that America has the deep state now running the government not the people or the president. Obama appointees and other government employees that during Obamas last days in office he had changed their status to make them permanent employees have become the subversion that prevents the current president from being able to do his job and have supplied a spy net for Obama and his leftist minions.

This kind of behavior from anyone should be appalling to everyone and yet a significant number of Americans are just fine with it. Perhaps there is an underlying racist element to this as well. Maybe the people who aren’t mad as hell are giving Obama a pass because he is black and can’t be expected to have the moral fortitude and integrity it takes to lead the free world. Surely if he was white the media would have held him accountable. Or maybe the media has been taken over by communists who wouldn’t care either way as long as the end result is the same because they sure don’t seem to have a problem with Bernie and his 3 homes crying for socialism.

Even after it has been disclosed that Obama violated the law by spying of Trump before and after the election the media and the American people have pretty much just shrugged it off and moved on to that wild Russian conspiracy theory that has more than unraveled and yet still tops the news.

What we have here is a criminal of that there is no doubt. And just like the other criminals from the Obama regime no one is going to jail because the deep state has assumed total control.

Trump was supposed to be Americas savior but as things stand right now it was already too late. America was destroyed before Trump took office by Obama and his minions and he left behind an entrenched crew to make sure it says that way.

The only thing that can save America now is the people, and what the people have to decide is whether the tree of liberty has to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and despots or whether to just give in and give up. A political solution is clearly no longer viable.


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