The Truth about Anonymous


When Anonymous first hit the public stage it was as a knight in shining armor for internet freedom. Internet freedom was in fact their only goal. Clearly Anonymous has failed miserably at protecting the internet from entities who would censor and regulate it. This is an important factor to remember when regarding what Anonymous has become.

Part of the reason Anonymous became such an epic failure regarding its core declaration of knighthood is that Anonymous had a bit of success early on. As this success blossomed so didn’t the possibilities and Anonymous tried to morph into some kind of champion for human rights around the world. Again this turned into a failure but Anonymous did have some success with mildly disrupting the pedophile community so they expanded again.

What Anonymous is today has absolutely nothing to do with the reason it was created in the first place. Therefore unless the first words out of your mouth have something to do with internet censorship you cannot justifiably claim to be part of the Anonymous movement and the truth is none of the YouTube channels that claim to be Anon seem to give a dam about censorship unless it is they who are being censored directly.

Anonymous today is a fractured political hodgepodge that is more interested in views and likes and maybe some funding than it is protecting anyones rights and promoting peace. Todays Anon factions umbrella both the far right and the far left and anyone else in between. Anonymous has been hijacked by everyone and everyone is Anonymous just like they always said.

There was a time when Anonymous was the beacon in the storm but that time has passed. Anonymous has become a political entity that has been claimed by everyone who has political ambitions. As an entity it has become far too corrupted to be taken seriously anymore and it should not be.

Still some of these Anon accounts make nice videos that at times express ideas in ways that make sense or mirror your own in a way better than you can so by all means watch and share them. At least they can serve some purpose if only making videos.


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