Get Over It Whites ARE Better!


I’m trying to figure out what the word “racism” actually means and I have come to the conclusion that it really has no meaning at all. In theory the roots of this word has something to do with someone looking down on someone else due to their race. Assuming superiority of your own race and treating other races as second class people.

First of all this belief that your own race, whatever that is, is not the superior race might just be an indication of a mental disorder. Humans by nature compete with each other and it is natural to view your “team” as the better team even if you’re not doing so well. You’ve just had some bad breaks or whatever. You are likely the member of many teams, religion (atheism is a religion so stfu), left/right/centrist, career, race, nationality, ect. Making some claim that one of the groups you belong to, in this case race, doesn’t compete with the other teams is just plain ignorant with a dash of stupid. Everything is a competition with humans.

Much like other social ideas that originate from the left, the term “racism” isn’t much different than calling someone a “cunt” except of course you can call anyone a cunt and racism has been made the sole property of whites. Why do you think that is? Why do you think Germans were considered racists? Because they were better.

We live in a world where if you succeed where others do not you must be destroyed. Examples of this can be found in sports, Hollywood, and politics all the time. Not to mention all of the heroes we have destroyed over the many decades. Stand out in any way and the odds are that you are headed for the chopping block. Just like grade school remember? We grow up so fast.

Let’s take the Germans as an example.

Without a doubt the NSDAP brought Germany to the top of the contest of nations. A country that the “Allies” had gone out of their way to try to destroy and was, for all intensive purposes destroyed after the Great War, was literally turned into a Phoenix from the ashes to become the worlds strongest military and economic powerhouse of its time. While other Western countries were struggling with The Great Depression, Germans, who just a few years before were whoring out their wives and daughters just for a scrap of food, were living the high life and taking vacations around the world. Of course they had to be destroyed and it took the whole world to do it.

In the race game whites are clobbering the competition. Just turn your head and just about everything you see was invented by whites. This isn’t because of privilege this is because of ingenuity. When colonialists brought the wheel to areas of Africa where there had never been a wheel instead of making something with that knowledge the Africans actually rejected that invention preferring to carry  things on their heads. When the Chinese showed whites how to make gunpowder they expanded that knowledge all the way to space travel and the atomic bomb. See the difference?

Seriously name more than a handful of inventions and innovations that were not the result of white ingenuity. Good luck with that. And while you are thinking about that let’s also try to come up with successful forms of government and economics envisioned by anyone that wasn’t white. The United States has a government and economic system spawn from the Greeks, Romans, and British as do other successful nations. You have to go pretty far back in history before you come to a point in history in which whites didn’t dominate invention, culture, philosophy, art, music etc.

So how does all of this not make the white race the superior human race on earth. I bet space aliens would figure this out with ease. I mean if you can handle space travel you should be able to grasp the obvious.

This can only lead to one conclusion when it comes to the word “racist”, which is it has no meaning. Race is just another competition and at least for now whites are winning hands down. The inability to recognize this is to reject the truth and once you start doing that nothing is real. Pushing back against this truth is just another exercise in what humans always do, destroy the successful. Someday in the future if another race assumes the top of the mountain they too will meet with the wrath of those who seek to destroy them and the cycle will continue.

So what is to be done? Sit back and enjoy the show because nothing you can do is going to stop it. This little scenario has been repeated several times throughout history in this and in other similar competitions and it isn’t going to stop today or next year. Whites have been on top for a long time and if they are strong and can fend off their attackers they will continue to be at the top of the race pole for a very long time. If they get weak someone else will assume that role and then they will be the racists and the bigots.

This is the truth and the way of things.



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