The Truth about the AR-15

The AR-15 is a very frightening looking weapon to most civilians. Wait that isn’t quite correct. The AR-15 can be made to look very frightening to most civilians. It can also be made to look like a hunting rifle. Ok so maybe even a hunting rifle might look frightening to some but most people have seen one up close. What makes the AR-15 so attractive to gun enthusiasts is that it is the mother of all transformers. It is basically just a platform to build upon and you can build it simple to futuristic to everything in between.

In the photo below is an AR-15. The part of that gun (not including the barrel) that is painted is the AR-15 everything else is added on.


Kinda looks like the handgun doesn’t it? Not so big and scary when it doesn’t have a lot of fancy military looking parts bolted on to it does it. The thing is, that no matter what you bolt to it, it doesn’t change what the gun is at it’s core. You can put big tires, jack up a car, and put loud exhaust on it but that doesn’t make it fast does it. Same thing with guns.

The photo below is that of an M-16


The M-16 is a military grade assault rifle made for the U.S. military. This weapon fires in both semi automatic (one bullet per finger pull) and fully automatic (one finger pull lots of bullets at once). You can make your AR-15 look just like this rifle. Just like you can make some men look like women. But an AR-15 will never be an M-16 or anything like it. It is just looks.

The photo below is that of a Kalashnikov or AK-47 the world premiere personal assault  weapon.


You can make your AR-15 look very similar to the Russian made AK-47 but it will never be in the same class as the AK-47 because the AK-47 can be fired in semi and fully auto modes just like the M-16 but the AR-15 cannot.

Below is a photo of an AR-15 with some pretty cool add ons.


Here’s another.


Now these might look pretty frightening to some of you but these are not the kinds of weapons you want to go to war with. These are just very cool defensive weapons. They can’t shoot any faster than Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne I’m old school) and his six shooters.

Hey guess what. You know those people in Washington and in the media know that the AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Yet they still keep pretending it is. Lying to you. Playing you for a chump. You ignorant disgusting unwashed masses that needyour betters to tell you what to think and do. Appeal to your ignorance that is what they do and your kind heart just trusted them to tell you the truth about things. Most Americans have kind trusting hearts.

But now you know. What has been seen and heard cannot be unseen and unheard. They will never be able to lie to you about the AR-15 again. Unless you want to be lied to. Unless you’d find it easier to deal with a comfortable lie. If that is the case there’s no helping you.



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