Better to Have Children


In todays Western society having children is looked upon as almost a curse. Pregnant women are often regarded with the same pity as one might offer a leper especially if the mother is very young. With booming divorce rates and out of wedlock pregnancies the prudent thinking is “poor thing her life is ruined” and in most cases that is probably correct and the lives of her children are probably facing the same result. This has become the reality in the west which explains why birth rates have become so unsustainable in more modern countries.

As it turns out this whole modern way of thinking has been a huge mistake and it has taken us several generations before the results of those mistakes have come to bear. Generations of free love and selfish interests have resulted in an older generation of lonely older people whose offspring tolerate them at best. Those are the lucky ones. For career driven men and women the right person or time never came and there aren’t even children around to despise them. The me generation are getting what they so richly deserve.

This societal nosedive hasn’t just ended with lonely middle age and older people either. As these people who led the charge of feminism, free love, men are like bicycles to a fish, wait to have children, and all the other nonsense that was spawned by the leftists slip into old age, they have no one to take care of them. In our modern world instead of 3 generations living in the same home together we have grandma in a home, the “kids” racking up a huge debt in a college dorm, mom acting like a 20 year old slut and monkey branching for her next financial victim, and dad trying to numb his troubles with a bottle and some young tart.

All of this is evidence of failure at epic proportions and this must continue for as long as people fail to recognize that there is a fundamental problem, what that problem is, and of course how to fix it. So how do we fix it?

The first step has to be to make divorce, especially when children are involved much more difficult than it currently is. This is done by taking the golden egg out of the equation. In all divorces the legal system favors the women even though women initiate 70% of divorces. The entire system encourages monkey branching and treating one partner as a winning lottery ticket ready to be cashed in at any time the female is restless or unsatisfied (as if a woman could ever be satisfied). The default result of any divorce with children should be that both parents have their children every other week with each parent paying their own way and for their own time with the children. If one parent is not willing to spend time with the children or unwilling to spend as much time with their children then that parent must pay the other parent for some of the childs expenses. It is simple and fair.

Next we need to stop trying to convince young people that if they marry and have children early it will ruin their lives. This is wrong for 2 reasons. First, having children is often the incentive to succeed in the financial world. When you have more than your own mouth to feed you are less likely to spend all your spare time getting drink and high with your less than motivated friends. Secondly a girls womb is like a flower. It has a relatively short shelf life and the longer a woman waits to have children the more likely that what children she might bear become a burden instead of an asset. The truth is the younger a woman is the more likely she is to have a successful birth.

Finally we need to get over our delicate little sensibilities when it comes to winter spring romances especially when it comes to older men and younger women. There will never be a shortage of very young women who prefer much older men. How is this not considered socially normal when it has been for eons but men taking hormones to look like women is promoted as the new in thing? An older man provides both emotional and financial stability to a young woman who wants to bear offspring and this should be encouraged as it is throughout most of the rest of the world. No daddy she doesn’t want to fuck you she just likes guys your age because they are more likely to be able to meet her needs.

These are of course classic solutions to a problem that will take generations to fix just like it took generations to create and it doesn’t look like enough people have noticed yet to even get the ball rolling back in the right direction. But a time will come very soon where this issue must be addressed as more and more people become elderly and unable to care for themselves with no one or no one willing to care for them. This is the true cost of divorce. This is the true cost of failing to procreate at a young age. This is the true cost of the death of the biological nuclear family.

And for what?


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