Leftist “Protesters”


There has been a lot of speculation regarding the motives behind groups like Antifa, BLM and other George Soros financed ventures. So many of their stands on so many different subjects seem contradictory at best. What do they really stand for? The simple answer is nothing. You have to be able to make a case for something to be capable of standing for anything and in this regard leftist militants fail miserably and they know it. This is why they cannot allow opposition voices to be heard.

But the core of these groups is no different than the core of Islam. These organizations attract people who enjoy doing harm to others. Some of course are doing it for a paycheck and I’m sure there is some kind of bonus for starting a fight and/or getting on TV. It doesn’t matter what these people are “protesting”. They will fiercely defend anything and anyone as long as they get paid and will do just about anything to get paid more.

The other group is made up mostly but not exclusively of frustrated young people (the frustrated older people we call losers). There is an element within the younger generation that is bored out of their minds. This is especially true among young men who since childhood have been taught to suppress their male instincts but also among young women who want more aggressive and “manly” men. Moldy Locks and her hairy female friends aren’t letting their body hair grow wild as a sign of some feminist freedom, they are signaling their inner desire for cave men. Almost as if young women were trying to teach young men how to be a bit more neanderthal.

And of course to go along with your pay for protesters and your growing base youth you have your various petty criminals who would be out spray painting subways, endangering citizens with radical skate board tricks, stealing tires, beating up the homeless or any of an extensive list of criminal shenanigans who would just love an excuse to break windows, throw some rocks, beat people up, and generally scare the crap out of people dressed as Jihadists.

Now of course every once in a while you manage to get some unhinged Hollywood celebrity who thinks it might help their failing careers to chime in but pay for protest mercenaries, losers, suppressed young people, and petty criminals has pretty much become the Democrat Party’s base. The thing is none of these groups really give a crap about the Democrats or much of anything about politics for that matter. In general these are not people likely to vote unless you drive the voting booth right up in their faces. Or offer them a joint to do so.

Violent leftist organizations have become the legacy of the Democrat Party. The party of John F. Kennedy. I doubt President Kennedy could win the next set of primaries, even in just a state wide primary, as a Democrat today. This is what happens to a party that caters to special interests. Eventually the interests of the many outweigh the needs of the few. In a desperate attempt to maintain as much power and influence as possible after being roundly rejected across the board during the last election the Democrats are doubling down with their special interest group friends, or at least the ones who haven’t abandoned them yet.

The reality is all the Democrats have left is the pay for protest mercenaries, losers, suppressed young people, petty criminals, communists, parasites, and celebrities whose careers are on the downturn.  Even the illegals are drying up.

Now there is a pain that is gonna linger.


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