Slavery Was Awesome for Everyone!


I really don’t understand why everyone is so triggered about slavery. Slavery is a part of the human species and is actively and openly practiced to this very day. If slavery is so bad then why is it still practiced? Many would argue that a significant percentage of the population is predisposed to slavery anyway. Marriage is ownership of the wife by the husband her titled transferred from the father with her new masters name replacing that of the old. When was the last time you heard anything on the news or from Hollywood about freeing slaves ……. today? No one gives a shit that’s why.

There is also no major issue when it comes to owning slaves of other races. For roughly 800 years Europe’s coasts were regular victims of Moorish pirates who traded in flesh. Yet Islam and Africans get a pass. In fact in most of Africa and in most Islamic countries slavery is just a part of life itself. Does anyone care? Nope! If slavery is so bad why isn’t someone doing something to put an end to it?

For some slavery was a Godsend. Take the Blacks who came to the America’s during the North Atlantic slave trade. Regardless of where in the Americas these Black people showed up, their prodigy have done better than they ever could have hoped to have done had their ancestors not been enslaved. There is a reason Black Americans do not exodus to Africa.

In a world in which slavery is frankly a norm White people have been punished for rejecting slavery. Anyone else can own other people and no one lifts an eyebrow. Anyone else can own people of different races and no one raises an eyebrow. But because Whites shunned slavery, Whites have been shunned by the rest of the world. Imagine the outrage if Whites started owning other people again.

But maybe that is what needs to happen. Maybe White people just don’t get it? No one else has a problem with slavery so what is White peoples problem anyway? Think on it this way. What if someone wronged you and the courts determined they were guilty wouldn’t it be better in some cases if that person became your property instead of the state spending tens of thousands of dollars a year to house and feed a criminal? The state uses criminals for labor why not the rest of us too?

And what about debt. Oh it is so easy to run up your debt and then claim bankruptcy or just skip out on the bill all together. What if people who fell into extreme debt would be made into indentured servants until their debt had been paid? The same sentence for carpet baggers, swindlers and the like. I assume people would be a lot more careful about going into default or ripping someone off if the result was perhaps an entire lifetime of indentured servitude (what they call White slaves).

Indentured servitude could relieve the homeless problem as well. Homeless people could be round up and cleaned up and made into indentured servants doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do. They have shelter, food and a bed and a small amount of money could be set aside each year so that when their contract of servitude expires they would have the means to get started in the free world once more.

Every institution has its downside but Whites are being completely shut out of a thriving institution where everyone is participating openly but them. Perhaps it is time for Whites to stop acting so high and mighty and get back on the slave train with the rest of the world. What Whites are superior to everyone else or something?



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