A Profile of Adult Leftists

Equality duty

When we talk about adults in America anymore what we are talking about are people 35 and up. Regardless of the legal age of a person, adulthood means making decisions at a responsible adult level which requires a basic degree of experience in an un-sheltered world. In the U.S. young people aren’t often treated like adults until they reach their 30’s because they don’t behave like adults. The fact is American parents and educational institutions keep our offspring puppies for as long as they can and sheltering them as much as they can from what they view are the harsh realities of life. Like being financially responsible for themselves and  making the connections between cause and effect. Helping to buy a car, paying for a cell phone, government backed student loans, credit cards and campus life are all attempts to retard the mental aging process as much as possible. Puppies are more fun than full grown dogs and no one ever wants their puppies to grow up and run away.

The thing is that many people begin their life left thinking. In fact maybe we all did. Like when you were a teenager and believed love and understanding was the cure for everything (and maybe a little weed) and the love of your life from school would love and be with you forever as you would love and be with that person forever. As we grow older and gain experience we come to learn that this type of thinking only ends in regret and disappointment. Unicorns and rainbows.

But then comes a time when we put our childish things behind and graduate into adulthood. The party is over. One has to have full time employment at the very least and a little hiccup in ones ability to be sufficiently productive can lead to disaster. For most, when they reach this milestone the journey towards the right begins because not long after becoming a true adult, does one come to the undeniable conclusion that results that favor them are the only things that really matter. I must survive.

However for adults over 35 or perhaps more specifically those who have been held responsible for their own existence without outside aid, that still lean to the left are the same people who, whether real or imagined are those who are or have failed in the world of personal economics and career. Failed at adult life. For example let’s take your average college professor.

There are 2 basic reasons why people want to get into education. The first reason is that it is one of the easier majors in college unless you want to teach math or science (which frankly are often the same). The second reason is the one most claim, but but that claim is rarely ever the honest truth, that they want to help children or young adults by teaching them.  It’s a fucking calling like being a messiah. Added to these reasons one can also include benefits, working hours, and free time as secondary reasons to choose to teach.

Teachers live very much sheltered lives with one foot still wiggling its toes in childhood. Most of the humans they are surrounded by are young and sometimes very young and it is human nature to empathize and relate to those closest to you. Additionally tenure shelters them from competition and economic doubt. They know what they are going to make every paycheck and there is no potential for economic or life changing downward spirals. Or at least very little potential. A teacher can retire from the same position that they took right after college.

At some point these professors and teaches start to wonder if this is all there is. Have you ever gone out into the parking lot of a high school or college and watched to see what kind of car the professors or teachers drive? Your little sister probably drives a better car than most of them do. The ones that do have nice cars usually have well off parents or a successful spouse. All that time and money for college and all they have to show for it is a 10 year old sedan or worse station wagon/caravan and an outstanding student loan. That would piss anyone off and surely there is someone else to blame. Because everyone knows that the hottest cars on campus usually belong to the students.Teachers should be worshiped like gods for they create the next generation of leaders.

The adult in them says “Dam is this the end of my line?” and the child in them wants to blame big brother for not providing them with enough protection from themselves. Or closer to the point their pseudo parents a.k.a. the government. Even most of them are a little too embarrassed to go to their flesh and blood parents.

The thing is adults don’t blame others for their successes and failures given opportunity for success exists. They find ways to take advantage of every opportunity they can without stopping to wonder who to blame when things don’t work as planned moving to the next plan when the last plan fails to provide the desired results. Teachers and professors on the other hand have a lot more spare time in comparison, to sit around stewing about were they are in life financially and whose fault that is.

It isn’t just teachers and professors of course it is also people who feel they are failing at life and the people who are failing at life who also harbor feelings of anger and envy at people who have surpassed them on the economic ladder. Is it not the objects of our envy which we hate the most? Girls would you just love to strangle that girl you knew from school who married the banker or brain surgeon and flaunts her good fortune? Guys how about that one (or more than one) girlfriend you had who left you over a guy with more money? A nicer car even. You know you don’t want anyone to have more than you.

Someone must pay.

Let’s be honest few leftists can articulate their candidate or representatives positions (assuming a leftist candidate has any). In fact many have no idea what they are at all. What they want is equality. Financial equality and all the other equalities are just distractions from the real equality they truly desire. Little wonder there is such an upsurge in the communist movement. The reason these people fail to fully appreciate the oppression that always accompanies communism and even socialism is because they wear the blinders of envy. Envy and the feeling that one has no control of their lives. Helpless children.  Or at the very least suppressed arrested development toddlers.

So for you young people who like to go out and act like assholes at political rallies;

Look go have fun and be puppies for as long as you can. I don’t blame you. I want to be 10 again myself. But for me it is way to late. Too much experience and responsibility to ever go down that road again. What has been seen and experienced cannot be unseen and un-experienced. You are 25 and you are still on your moms insurance and by the time you get your financial shit together you will have missed the whole raising a family thing anyway, so you might as well be puppies and party your life away hanging on the fringes and following rallies like they were the Grateful Dead (oh btw the rumors are true, Jerry Bear is dead).

But hey see those old hippie people in the crowd. They want dollar. The rest are pretty much losers. Shouldn’t they be at work? I know you’re skipping classes but come on who wants to see another film about the sea pig right. But if you aren’t real careful you might end up just like the hippy couple who wants a dollar, and the losers whose careers are going nowhere or are non existent. Trust me their lives are not as glamorous as you might think. They are most definitely not cool. And of course the unemployed and also the employed minions of some rich Nazi Jew. Sure beats hanging out with successful people and figuring out how they got that way and going to class huh.

To summarize there you have it. There are 2 kinds of adult leftists the losers, and those who would use them as pay pigs (politicians, network news, special interests, etc).

Wait I didn’t do a very good job describing the kinds of people who are using liberal progressives as pay pigs did I? Well that is because it is everyone who can fucktard.



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