Why More Socialism is Bad.


Any governments first duty to its citizenry is to protect them and the land they live on against outside forces and insurgents. Pretty much everything else after that boils down to management. The American people realized at the dawn of the birth of their nation, that more government is not good government. If the people themselves did not realize this there would have been no American Revolution. Some like to glibly make the claim that the revolution was the result of a tax on tea which really isn’t the whole story.

Americans didn’t much like people who had no clue what their lives were like, telling them what to do. And yes they also didn’t like the government taking as much of their hard earned money as it could get for whatever. People don’t like paying government and getting little in return either. But every bit as important was the bureaucracy of it all. Everyone in government has to get paid everyone in government has to tell someone what they can and cannot do. Socialism is in fact the by-product of large and ever expanding government.

How is big government responsible for socialism?

One thing government agencies realize very early on is that if they want a steady flow of resources they must expand to the point that their departments are in no danger of being disbanded. Much like an I.T. manager who never quite fixes all the servers and network issues to maintain a job and make themselves more valuable. Everyone knows every I.T. manager on the planet does this. And if that I.T. manager can convince upper management that more people are needed for the manager to supervise, outside of some major SNAFU that person has a job for life. Or as least as long as needed.

On a much bigger scale, say perhaps a government agency the entire staff is involved in desperately clinging on to their posh government positions. You see, government jobs are much more cushy than most civilian jobs. They have pensions guaranteed by the taxpayer to never go bankrupt (at least at the federal level), retirement stock portfolios, health, dental, optic, vacation, perks, bonuses ….. and everything else the taxpayer can throw at them. Even cars. And once someone secures a government agency position it is very unlikely they will ever loose it no matter what. For most people such a job would be riding the gravy train and if nothing less a lot better than the competitive nature of the real world.

These agencies must produce reasons to exist and expand. Even the government isn’t going to finance something that may blow up in their faces during an election cycle. So where does a government agency go when it needs to maintain and expand? The simple answer is anywhere it can. The big whale is always the social whale. “Helping” is always the reason given for government agencies. Help the owls, help the poor, help the vets, help women, help Blacks, help the planet, help students, help small business, help foreign countries, help refugees and for Gods sake help the whales. The more help that is needed the bigger an agency can expand and ensure its survival. Too big to fail if you will. Every year government adds new agencies. It is obvious where the money keeps coming from and that is of course the productive members of society.

Logically at some point the government expands beyond the tolerance of the productive members of a society. It is after all a continuously expanding enterprise.

The other way agencies get bloated is through enforcement in all its rich forms. In fact the simple act of collecting taxes is taken so seriously that the I.R.S. is equipped with assault weapons and military gear. But there is also regulations which must be enforced so the more regulations you have the more enforcement and bureaucracy is required. This too is funded by the usual suspects.

What has been established here are the two cornerstones of socialism which is the redistribution of wealth and oppression. Some people are cool with that but of course there will always be those who demand freedom, liberty and every bit as important the fruits of their labor. It should be noted that redistribution of wealth has limits but oppression does not. You can run out of money but no one will ever run out of reasons to assume more control over peoples lives which eventually must result in their thoughts as well. We see this today in P.C. thought control attempts.

Redistributed wealth has some major downsides primarily motivation. Who will work when a government agency is willing to pay you not to? Who will plan for their retirement if the government will take care of you when you get old. Why work harder than anyone else if everyone gets paid the same? Why create if there is no potential for substantial reward? Why risk when there is no potential loss to motivate you? Why do anything more than play at a computer, get high and possibly have sex? When all these things are made available to a people with little or no effort it attracts economic refugees. Why should they continue to struggle when they can come to your home and live well for little or no effort? In time even the greatest of resources are trickled away, the pie slices shrink and shrink and soon what is redistributed becomes less and less until all are equally impoverished. Except for the people who are part of the government. This is unavoidable in a socialist country unless it has extreme wealth and is willing to brutally defend their boarders like some Arab countries. In some Arab countries eveyone lives very comfortable lives because …. well they don’t like sharing with outsiders. That will last as long as their resources do and perhaps a tiny bit longer.

Therefore as outlined here expansive government leads to socialism. Socialism will eventually destroy a countries wealth. Expansive government leads to oppression. As the wealth decreases oppression increases. Expansive government is bad. Socialism is bad.

And we all know what socialism is the first step towards.



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