Trump is not a Dictator

One of the things I hear a lot about President Trump is that things aren’t happening as quickly as he promised they would happen. I hear this from both sides right and left. Given that the wall is being constructed at this very moment, the tsunami of illegals flooding into our country has turned into a trickle, thousands of individuals associated with pedophilia have been arrested and charged with horrible crimes, people are going back to work, billions of new dollars are being invested right here in America, the stock market is trading heavily, and well you get the idea ……. I just don’t get where this comes from.

And if, even after acknowledging the success of his young presidency you still are under the opinion that he isn’t making good on his promises then let’s rethink for just a moment what he is and has faced since day one. The Democrats have turned into absolute obstructionists even though Barrack Obama enjoyed unimpeded reign during his first year. The media has proven itself to be biased to the point of being a P.A.C. and should probably be forced to register as such. And yes aside from a couple of opinion based shows FOX is every bit as liberal as the rest of them. Then there is the deep state groomed by the former president to make any Republican presidents job impossible. Or do you think Democrats would have behaved any differently if Jeb Bush or Scott Walker had won the primaries? LoL! Finally there is the entrenched traitors of conservatism, what are commonly referred to as RINO’s, fighting the President tooth and nail.

It’s a dam miracle he has managed to accomplish anything!

This clearly shows that President Trump is the right man for the job. He is not a dictator. He represents but a single branch of the government and the reason the United States of America has more than one branch of government, at least in theory is so that no one branch of our government is capable of absolute rule. Mr. Trump can’t change that even if he wanted to. So he must negotiate and he has a lot of experience at that. A lot more than any of the people who set themselves up to judge him.

Right now the President is working so hard reporters are complaining about his work ethic. Win lose or draw you can’t say the guy isn’t trying. It isn’t the Presidents fault things aren’t getting done fast enough, that badge of honor falls upon the Democrats, the RINO’s, the deep state and the leftist media. They would stop Mr. Trump from using the bathroom if they could. And yet behold look what he has accomplished so far. Remember when the other Republican candidates claimed no one would work with Trump? China and Japan are. Russia can’t because of the Democrats, the deep state, the RINO’s and the leftist media. Fuck Germany and France ….. seriously.

So all in all Trump’s actually had a pretty good run so far. Just like his candidacy when everyone thought he had failed. He’s gonna make mistakes. All Presidents do. But he’s very smart and he’s got a huge mess to fix both foreign and domestic.

And for those of you who insist on claiming Trump’s presidency isn’t a success? Well I got news for you sparky that means you are either a liar or someone with psychological issues that need addressing a.s.a.p. If you are the liar, well you probably lie all the time in your life. Perhaps to everyone or perhaps just when you feel it is advantageous to lie. The thing about being a liar is, you are not real. Reality is truth all else is fantasy and not real. You have turned a real thing, yourself, into something that is not real and not really a part of the world around you. Something to consider as you continue on your journey in life.

Trump has barely gotten started and he has a very long way to go through fields of mines that would boggle the minds of most people. The Donald used to tell us he is very smart. He wouldn’t have done so much already if that wasn’t true. And though the successes may come slowly (well so far they haven’t just sayin) each success builds on another like a gasoline engine being fed more and more fuel. Whatever pace you think the Presidents progress is making now, there is no doubt that in will increase not decrease over time. No matter what his naysayers say or do.



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