The Disgrace of America


I’m pretty old now. At 57 I thought I saw it all. As a toddler I remember sitting on the floor watching T.V. as my mother ironed clothes and witnessing her reaction to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. I don’t actually remember anything more about the incident than my mothers reaction and me calmly telling her that it was only T.V. I remember the Vietnam war and thinking my life would end at 18 when my lifeless body or what was left of it would be found in some rice paddy halfway around the world against my will. I remember Martin and Bobby and the Cold War and how ridiculous I thought it was when President Nixon abandoned his post. I remember the long gas lines during the Carter administration and how Reagan uplifted a battered nation. I remember how cool I thought it was to see a presidential candidate playing saxophone on television.

I remember how angry I was when Barrack Obama won the Democrat Party’s nomination not because he was Black but because I saw him for what he was and knew even then that his potential presidency would cause harm to the republic.

But what I never saw before was Americans in the streets causing violence week after week and month after month simply because they didn’t like a potential presidential candidate and later because they rejected the will of the voters and the process. I’ve never seen school teachers and college professors encouraging violence and promoting communism. I’ve never seem mobs of people shutting down city streets over what might be yet to come.

This outrageous behavior is humiliating for our nation. There is nothing good that can possibly come from any of this. It says something very negative about the citizens of America that they would do such things and that other citizens would tolerate it as much as they have to date.

I have never seen so much hatred being pushed by Democrat members of Congress and Democrat elected officials across the country. I’ve never seen so much hatred emerge from Hollywood and on college campuses across the nation. Nor have I ever seen so much sedition in the federal government.

What the world is seeing is the fall of America. A nation whose citizenry is so entitled and spoiled that they have abandoned reason for subjugation. A populace so ignorant and delusional about people who want to destroy them that they embrace the enemies of freedom and liberty in the hopes that somehow doing so will placate some of the most evil people who have ever graced gods green earth. And worse of all a news media which is completely dominated by the leftist agenda.

America has become a weak nation and it is only getting worse as each day passes. There are those who hope the current president can rescue the republic but he is not a dictator and like any other president his power is limited by the constitution. The weakness is in the citizenry themselves even more than our now clearly corrupt non elected and in some cases elected government. Violence has been embraced as protest and instead of harshly dealing with people who would promote communism most Americans are if not turning a blind eye, doing nothing to put an end to it.

Some people just want to see America burn and if they end up getting their way their prodigy will most certainly curse them for generations to come. And as America continues to sink into chaos the vultures will come to feed on her rotting carcass. Americas enemies are becoming embolden by how America’s citizens are currently behaving seeing the U.S. as a ripe fruit to be plucked from the tree of life to be devoured.

The solution? Without a proposed solution all I am doing here is whining. But the solution must come from the more sane among us who, up until now have been mostly silent. Most of the more saner voices seem to be waiting for someone else to act. Perhaps because they have much more to lose than the heavily pierced and tattooed violent protesters. What they should be doing is writing letters and getting on the phone with their elected officials and media sources each and every day calling them out for what they are or are not doing to fix this mess. People who love America should also be out in the streets physically punishing any whose answer to their own discontent is both violent language and physical violence. There should be a strong message being sent to the powers that be that these cretins of mankind will not be tolerated one moment longer. Don’t lecture me about Berkeley it was only one victory in a long line of defeats.

But alas this is not occurring in the numbers that might make a difference. Instead the people who should be acting are content to do their best to be left alone and ignore the flames all around them as their country slips into the abyss just as Europe has.

The future of America and our world does not look very bright to me. It is all this old guy can do to not drown my sorrows at having lived long enough to see this unfold at the bottom of a bottle. Is there still hope? I can’t answer that. The voices of reason have been mostly drown out by the voices of sedition. But I haven’t taken to the bottle yet so I suppose there is some part of me that still hopes that people will stop praying for a savior and help themselves before it is too late.


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