Do Not Pity the French


As I predicted almost 2 weeks ago the French have decided that death, rape, destruction and loss of sovereignty are preferable to giving up their own socialist narrative. In the end it was “free shit” that has cost the French their culture and heritage such as it is. But let us remember who the French really are. These are the same assholes who look down their pseudo superior noses at everyone else. The same people who installed rear seat shock systems in their taxicabs to send volts of electricity through cab riders bodies they don’t particularly care for (mostly Americans). A people who couldn’t recognize a bar of soap if you shoved it in their faces and whose women do not know what a razor blade is.

Clearly the French are predisposed to submission just as they bowed down eagerly to German forces who conquered them in a matter of days. Who would gladly wear the collar of a slave as long as they can spend their days being unproductive sipping coffee and eating crescents at a sidewalk cafe.

This is what is called karma. Remember the Treaty of Versailles? Yes boys and girls what is about to happen to the French people is well deserved. In fact given the election results they have begged for what we all know is coming and they will most certainly get what they have coming. So fuck those snail eating surrender monkeys. Point and laugh and let them be a reminder to the rest of the world what can happen to them if they show themselves to be as weak and worthless. And you know dam well Hitler is in his grave pissing his pants in laughter. As am I.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Pity the French

  1. Damn. The French are SOOOOOOOOOO stupid and they have the nerve to criticise the people of the U.S. and slander our President. You should see some of the comments on YouTube from the nitwits who voted that loser into office. They’re so happy and proud to be gullible. Fck France.

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