Judaeo/Christian America?

islam bible and constitution

If you ever wanted to know who really runs America all you have to do is listen to how America is referred to on a religious basis. With a whopping 2% of Americas population Jews get top billing while Christians who are the majority of religious America always, and I mean ALWAYS gets second billing. Little wonder our founding fathers debated whether to allow Jews in America in the first place.

I’m sorry Jews but America was founded as and still is very much a Christian nation as it should be as America was founded on Christian not Jewish principles. But of course Jews own the media so they get to make the rules. They also own the banks so if you don’t like it they’ll just go right ahead and bankrupt us which is pretty much the same reason we send billions of dollars every year to an unsustainable country that spies on us every minute of every day.

What’s coming next? As Jews keep pushing an open boarders policy in every White dominated country on the planet can we expect America to be referred to as a Judaeo/Islamic/Christian nation in the not so distant future? Impossible you say? Maybe you missed that story about how Isis apologized to Israel, their sworn enemy, for inadvertently sending a rocket their way and how Israel failed to respond in the same way they would have responded to Palestine who shoot what amounts to firecrackers at Israel.

But hey just keep sticking your heads in the sand and pretend that Jews are Gods chosen people even though they rejected Jesus Christ. There must be a ball game on some channel you can dumb yourself down watching hours of while 2% of the population runs your lives.


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