Preaching to the Choir


I was recently put into a position of having to abandon my Trump News Network page on Google+. My page had gone from roughly 3.5 million views a week to roughly 30 thousand views a week in a matter of about a month. Impossible you might say. Not so impossible when Google+ began to limit my reach and in the last several days my numbers were dropping by half every day. This had nothing to do with my content as for the last year and a half my content never changed. I think some of what made my content attract so much attention from viewers is that I often brought to light many controversial subjects but I always did that. I knew something was up when a few weeks ago Google+ stopped showing me my total views.

This isn’t the first time I have abandoned a social networking platform either. A bit more than 2 years ago I abandoned both Facebook and Twitter for the same reasons, censorship. It isn’t like I post porn or anything I never have but I do have a major problem with sites that are actively involved in censorship. The only reason I haven’t abandoned YouTube (yet) is because it is the only game in town at least for now. As a freedom loving American I just can’t stomach political censorship and I wouldn’t tolerate it even if the victims of such censorship targeted leftists even though I foam at the mouth at the mere mention of these two dimensional seditionists.

There is an important question that must be regarded here because I know many conservatives feel pretty much the same way and that is, if conservatives are being gagged by these media sites how are we to get our message across to people who are not a part of our movement? Think about it, some of our best conservative warriors like Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle have already pretty much had their voices shelved. Instead we are stuck with morons like Alex Jones who doesn’t just embarrass himself every time he is invited to national television but embarrasses us all by association and this leads me to have grave concerns about anyone associated with him. Are his associates really in it for us or to enrich themselves? I’m the last person on planet earth who has any substantial issues with capitalism but there is a limit to how I feel about capitalism in politics and when you start sounding like a drunken carnival barker I stop paying attention.

We are presently living in extremely dangerous times were Muslims and communists seem to be gaining the upper hand with the help of the mainstream media, universities, Brussels, and Zionists threatening the very fabric of freedom and liberty on a global scale and those of us who believe in creator endowed rights are being usurped at every turn on the political highway. Our own government, meaning the deep state, is usurping the presidency and working against the best interests of our Constitution and American way with the rest of them.

Add to all of this mess the violence from the left across the Western world and things are looking very bleak as corrupt politicians fail in their duty to protect all citizens as their duty commands. As our voices dim because we can’t get our views out there we are also going to lose some of our supporters as the only voices they will eventually hear are the sirens songs of blissful utopia that only surrendering to slavery can promise.

If these trends continue and there is no indication that they will not, what eventually must happen is that we champions of freedom and liberty will end up doing nothing more than singing to a shrinking choir. Our voices have already been pretty much silenced on the television and the internet isn’t far behind.

The sad part is … I cannot think of a solution that doesn’t require unmerciful violence from our end which would of course reduce us to the level of Gorge Soros minions. I would prefer not to go there but it may be all that is left to do if we cannot express our positions in a meaningful way. It may already be too late for discourse and extreme violence may now be our only hope in saving the West from destruction but I pray to God that someone comes up with a better solution that I cannot presently see before it is too late.

It certainly seems to me that the tree of liberty once again needs watering with the only fluid that mankind has every truly understood.



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