YouTube Celebrities Please Shut Up


What the fuck is going on with YouTube celebrities these days anyway. I’m starting to wonder if any of them has ever had an original thought or idea. Is anyone else sick of hearing the same rant about Amy Schumer, Bill Nye or “ok” signs. They all have to do a rant on the exact same stories all the time. It is if they are all living in a bubble and have no idea that they are all ranting about the same stories all the time. Just like watching TV entertainment news. No matter what channel you turn to the stories are all pretty much the same. And for the love of God please shut the fuck up about how you’re no longer getting rich sitting around your apartments making videos anymore. I feel like I’m watching PBS with the non stop rants about funding. Here’s a thought, go out and seek corporate sponsors if you need the money.

I have run The Trump News Network for almost 2 years now and you know what I have to show for it? A bottle of Trumps after shave and the sweet people who sent it to me practically had to demand that I take it (I like being anonymous and I really don’t like people in the real world all that much). So why did I do it? Because I thought it was important. See without begging people for money I can post and write about anything I want even if it means giving the big middle finger to all my “fans.” I am beholden to no one and maybe that’s the problem.

Or maybe it isn’t who knows but what I do know is that all of these mental midgets are all ranting about the same stories all the time and it is annoying as fuck. Isn’t there something else going on in the country or in the world that these people could talk about without making it sound like they are all making the same videos from the same apartment? I mean when was the last time Bill Nye was actually relevant? And any idiot can watch this clown for 30 second and realize he’s as bat shit crazy as Amy Schumers nasty cunt. Oh fuck now I’m doing it.

Maybe it isn’t them it’s you. Yeah you heard me you. Since these tards are basically in it for the greenbacks they are going to run with whatever sells …. just like T.V. “news.” As long as you keep giving thumbs up to the exact same stores all the time these people are going to keep chasing after the same buck and instead of offering anything with any real substance they are gonna just keep regurgitating the same crap.

Maybe it is a good thing that YouTube is demonetizing some of these folks. I mean think about it. They were making money based solely on people giving them thumbs up. That seems a little too easy and mindless to me. Perhaps now they’ll actually have to work for it and come up with something original or at the very least different from the other entitled video gods. Oooo their “work” is so hard and time consuming. Well here’s a clue fucktards … quality is better than quantity unless your target audience are Old Milwaukee swilling hillbillies chanting “Merica”.

So to all you YouTube celebrities who think the world should revolve around you cut the shit and stop begging for money and post something with a little substance for once. You are dumbing down your audience and isn’t that what you are accusing the MSM of doing? And if you can’t do that then just shut the fuck up.




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