Time to Kill the GOP


Enough is enough. Once again the Republican Party has betrayed their constituents. It wasn’t bad enough that the Republican leadership did everything it could to try to destroy Trump and even went as far as to imply their support for Hillary but now, even after winning the presidential election these scumbags still haven’t quit. Here was their chance to give their constituency everything they ever wanted and once again these RINOs have sold us all out and it is time to make them pay.

It is time to create a new party and one that actually represents the people and not the George Soro’s of the world. It is time to put this corrupt party in the grave where it belongs. We the People run this country not some phony conservative dinosaurs.

And while I am at it we should also be boycotting FOX News as just like the Republican party they too no longer represent us. If we do not make a stand now we may never have the chance to do so again. If your representatives are so eager to throw their constituents under the bus then it is high time we take them out.

It is time to kill the Republican Party and replace it with something better.


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