News from the Kekistani Front


Shadilay my Kekistani brother and sisters.

As you are probably aware our Kekistani forces have finally won our first major battle in the heathen land of Commiefornia. Against all odds and against a superior armed force we repelled the pinko commie rat bastards chasing them through the defenseless streets among mortar rounds and chemical attacks. With all their weapons and armor we defeated the enemy in a glorious display of the iron will of the Kekistnai people to live free of the totalitarianism the norms tried to force upon us. It will be a day to remember for generations to come.

One winning battle does not win a war and we must be forever vigilant against the pinkos and their mindless minions. We as freedom loving Kekistani must not just hold the line but take this opportunity to bring the fight to the enemy wherever these sewer rats are hiding. Better to die as free Kekistani  than to drop a knee to the horde of zombie freaks hell bent on destroying us and our exceptional land of freedom. Hunt them like the rabid rats (apologies to rats) that they are and show them no mercy.

And do not be afraid to treat some who appear to be female to the equality they so richly deserve. Our fists will not meet with the faces of real women but the faces of gender neutral, armpit haired, non binary zombies who must be treated the same way as you would treat any man as per their own request. Show these usurpers no mercy and crush their forces under your boots as you fight to free your Kekistan homeland.

As Kek demands so it will be done.

All hail Kek!



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