Everybody Knows the Secrets


Time and time again our government which in theory at least is supposed to answer to the people, tells us they have proof of this and that but they can’t show it to us because it would somehow expose the secrets of how our government collects information. Do you really believe this line of bullshit?

Edward Snowden who in my own personal opinion is an American hero who gave up everything to expose the dirty dealings of our government, has shown us all that organizations like the NSA and CIA spy on everyone all the time. We know that every electronic device on planet earth is monitored by them. We know that our TVs and our computers stare back at us whether we want them to or not. We know that they track us with our own cell phones and that these same phones can be turned on remotely by these organizations to spy on us. We know that there are satellites in space staring down at us.

So exactly what are they doing now that we don’t already know about? Space aliens? I mean seriously with all these tools at their disposal that everyone on planet earth knows about, how is it that their excuse about national security holds any water at all? Obviously it doesn’t.

So what can we conclude from the fact that these government agencies refuse to prove to the people that what they are saying is true? The only conclusion possible is that they are lying to us. The only conclusion possible is that they are at the very least violating the spirit of our Constitution and what the founding fathers demanded from government.

The only conclusion possible is that your deep state government plays you and the media for chumps. And it just keeps getting worse. Where is the proof that Syria gassed anyone? It doesn’t exist. Where is the proof that North Korea can get a rocket off the ground without it blowing up? So far almost every one of the rockets North Korean has fired has exploded and many of the weapons they parade around with are not actually weapons at all but decoys made to make people believe that they are a much bigger threat than they actually are.

There is no reason to trust the deep state. And the biggest question of all might be what unjustified harm are they doing in the name of the American people while we are out in the yard barbecuing hotdogs and hamburgers and pretending our country is run by the people instead of shady organizations doing evil deeds behind our back.



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