Boycott Halal & Kosher!


Did you know that every time you go to the grocery store you are supporting Jews and Muslims? Well it is true. A penny or two here a penny or two there and your money goes towards things you may or may not believe in. Sure when you by Hebrew National hotdogs you know the money is probably going to Israel or to support some Jewish cause but at least you know this upfront and no one is trying to hide this from you. In most cases however there are symbols on the products you buy that are purposely made hard for you to identify.

Take the Kosher symbol on Reynolds Wrap for example. You can identify the Kosher symbol by a tiny little “U” in a circle that just about anyone who wears glasses would have a difficult time finding. Clearly they are trying to hide this from you.


I didn’t even know you could eat Reynolds Wrap and I have no idea what animal it came from that justifies a Kosher certification.

The issue is what is being done with the money. Are Halal certified products used to promote Sharia Law in Western Countries or to financially support Jihad? Is the Kosher tax used to help Zionists financially and politically dominate the word? Why does aluminum foil need to be Kosher certified?

This is clearly a shakedown for the simple reason that you paying for these religious groups and that fact is being hidden from you. They don’t want you to know that they are in essence sending you a bill to promote their ideologies and forcing you to pay for that. Do you see any Christian certified products in your grocery store because I sure as hell don’t.

This goes on in every Western country without exception. You might think well it is only a few pennies but Jews and Muslims are making millions if not billions of dollars shaking these companies down every year and they don’t have to tell you what they are using the money for.

If you’ve had enough of being used as a pay pig by religions which are not your own then pay a little more attention to what you are buying before you make your purchases. Or you can just send me money every week because if you’re gonna be ok with being a pay pig then pay me …. pig.

Here are some symbols you can look for the next time you shop:






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