Ivanka has Become Problematic


Perhaps the biggest mistake President Trump has made is to allow his daughter Ivanka to have his ear as president and so far his biggest mistake as president has been at the behest of his favorite child.

His first mistake was to bomb Syria. Clearly there was no investigation by our government into whether Syria was actually guilty of a chemical attack as has been claimed by our government. Our government blamed the Syrians for the exact same thing in the past to only later discover that it was U.S. supported Al Qaeda forces that were actually responsible and yet even with this history our government failed to do its due diligence, blamed the Syrians again and sent 50 some odd missiles to Syria of which only half actually hit their target.

This is bad because what Trump allowed the military to  do was expose how ineffective our ship launched missiles are as opposed to the ones sent at a far greater distance by Russia at Isis on which most seemed to hit what they were aimed at. This entire charade was at the behest of Ivanka Trump according to numerous news sources.

The next mistake was to allow Israel, a rogue state who rarely complies with any international standards to attack Syria as they have done at least twice on some pretty flimsy evidence (as usual), the most recent attack by Israel on the Damascus International Airport last night. It should also be noted that Isis, it has been claimed, apologized to Israel for sending a rocket their way as apparently it was unintentional. Something stinks here and it stinks badly. There is some deep state thing going on between the Obama regime created Isis and Israel and if I had to make an educated guess it is that Israel intends to incorporate at least some of the land that was taken by Isis. Their relentless expansion attempts over the last several decades cannot be denied.


Now we have Ivanka Trump who is married to a Jew with close ties to Israel and a Jewish convert herself speaking in Europe about how America needs to be more involved on the world stage and take in an untold number of Syrian “refugees”. What ever happened to Donald Trumps promise to set up safe zones in the middle east and keep America out of international issues when he became president? Am I the only one who remembers that because I haven’t heard any of his supporters putting his feet to the flame over that one.

Ivanka has no business being involved in our governance and her seemingly touchy feely attitude towards foreign policy makes that clear. She has much too much influence on the President and if this keeps up it is going to cost him. It isn’t bad enough that he is taking crap from the RINOs in his own party he sure doesn’t need this bleeding heart to be a distraction.

Donald Trump made his supporters many promises during his campaign and I for one will hold President Trumps feet to the fire to make sure he keeps them. All of them.



One thought on “Ivanka has Become Problematic

  1. I’m not a misogynist, I love all types of women except land whales and barbies in government. It’s been shown through out history they just aren’t good leaders because their maternal instincts get in the way of logical common sense directives when needed to be taken. I’m a realist not a soap opera drama queen!

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