It is Time to Take the Gloves Off

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I bet some of you thought that communism was pretty much finished with the fall of the U.S.S.R. In every situation in which communism has been tried it has failed miserably and rightly so as communism is governance by force. This should be common knowledge right? It certainly should be taught in every public school and on every college campus but clearly it has not been and this should come as no surprise to anyone.

In a novel written in 1980 by Marilyn Ferguson “The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1880’s” Ms. Ferguson clearly lays out the plan by leftists to infiltrate the public and secondary school systems in America, media,  as well as politics. According to the author this movement has been working for years (which has now proven to be decades) to change the face of America into some pseudo leftist Utopia. This is how the foundation was set to give us the violent leftists we witness across America and especially in Americas coastal regions.

We conservatives have been the victims of abuse by the left ever since President Trump started running for office. While the mainstream media which is part of this “Aquarian Conspiracy” tries to convince America that somehow conservatives in general and Trump supporters in particular are somehow to blame we have seen for ourselves how truly despicable Democrats are as their supporters try to silence any speech that is counter to the communist manifesto.


Recently these Democrat communists have kicked it up several notches embracing the violence and ignorance of Antifa which to date has been protected by politicians and the police. Other than Bernie Sanders, a pseudo communist himself who is likely setting the stage for sympathy ttowards the left, not a single Democrat in congress has spoken out against leftist un-American behavior but has in fact encouraged it. These traitors to our republic along with Hollywood scum have actually done everything they can to encourage these cretins to get more violent.

It is time for conservatives to let go of their peaceful nature and go on the offensive. Clearly government has no intention of solving this problem. Even the silence from the White House has become deafening. Shouldn’t someone at the DoJ be placing Berkeleys mayor under arrest so he can face charges of sedition? His ties to Antifa have been clearly established and yet nothing is done. How about Jerry Brown, Governor of California? Isn’t it his responsibility to protect ALL the citizens of California?

It is time for this movement to be crushed. Antifa is anti democracy, anti free expression, and anti America. They need to be put down like the rabid dogs they are and yet politicians and police have proven time and time again that they will do nothing as this group becomes more and more violent. The MSM tries to excuse these violent scumbags by claiming they are children as the age of childhood has been extended to 26 apparently but the truth is these are adults who in a just world would be held accountable for their behavior.


If the government and the media are not going to protect America then it is high time that we the people stand up and not just fight back but take the fight to the enemy. We should be giving these scumbags a taste of their own medicine. They should fear us. Trump supporters and in general and all true lovers of America need to start showing up at their rallies and giving them exactly what they have been dishing out to us. They need to be hunted down and beaten in their safe spaces. They claim to be afraid of us so let’s give them a real reason to be afraid. Let no Antifa member feel safe anywhere!

Sound radical you say? Maybe, but unless you enjoy being a little bitch it is time you actually did something instead of trying to claim a higher road which has only encouraged these retards. Because you do nothing they have become empowered. Because you do nothing the politicians and the police have refused to do their jobs. What is it going to take for you to act. The time is now and our cause is just.

It is time to bring the pain. They have been begging for this so let’s give it to them and give it to them without mercy. Some people can only learn through an ass beating. Let’s educate the trash.

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2 thoughts on “It is Time to Take the Gloves Off

  1. These degenerates of society should have been beaten down a long time ago. I have been observing the way media and schools have been cutting off the balls of boys and men to the point that we have very few who are even able to do that now that we of the old guard such as myself are too old and dying off. I am fortunate that where I live in a small fishing town here in Florida am surrounded by rednecks whom along with myself don’t play that shite and they the Antifa know it and never pop their idiot heads up here. We won’t even talk about it or have shouting matches but will swing first and then maybe if we are in a good mood, not totally destroy their faces or break both their arms…………..

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