Europe is Finished.


There has been a lot of buzz around the net about the French election. Lots of unicorn and rainbow rhetoric about how the French will save their country, heritage, and identity by electing Marine La Pen. Well I hate to break it to you but it isn’t going to happen not now and not ever.

You have to understand that censorship is rampant in Europe and most Europeans have no clue what is really going on in their own countries. Even if they knew what was going on these people have been riding the P.C. train for so long it wouldn’t matter. You’ve heard of  cognitive dissonance yes? It is when people have been so brainwashed that they cannot compute information that goes against what they have been taught. Much like many of you refuse to entertain the idea that Adolf Hitler was not an evil man and that 6 million Jews did not die in German detainment facilities during WWII. The majority of the French will never believe that their entire socialist ideology is flawed.

Remember when the French refused to allow U.S. war planes to fly over their airspace even though America “saved” them twice in the same century? Perhaps you recall how the French taxed wealthy people at such a high rate that wealthy people began an exodus out of the country? These people are slaves to an ideology that works against them.

The French are not alone in this way of thinking in Europe. All of Europe is like this. The British people elected a Muslim for mayor of London. Let that sink in. Women and children are being raped all across Europe and how do their women react? If you guessed that these women are trying to stop massive immigration you’d be grossly mistaken.

Do you remember Geert Wilders from Holland? His country has suffered as much as any other European nation and yet he failed to win his election.


I feel great compassion for the people murdered and raped by Muslims as much as anyone but the truth is the French are not our friends. In fact they aren’t even their own friends. These people will sit at their cafes drinking coffee and eating Austrian crescent rolls while their country burns and their women surrender just as they have always done and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

America stands alone and does so on shaky ground. If you are living in Western Europe my advice to you is to move to Russia, China or Eastern Europe as quickly as you can. These countries might have their faults but at least they won’t surrender to the Islamic invasions of their countries. It may not be long before I must give the same advice to Americans.

But when the rubber hits the road it is already much too late for Western Europe. These idiots have invited their conquerors to destroy them.



6 thoughts on “Europe is Finished.

  1. Good write up like usual, and I know USA Inc., is on it’s way also. If you want a good read on why we here in what we think is America will never be great then check out a book by retired Federal judge Dale , called The Great American Adventure, secrets of America. It’s a real eye opener .

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      1. I write the stuff I want to put in a meme on a social media site first for spell check and then copy and paste it into paint for memes


  2. Well I like many have taken the step to leave Europe , with its phoney democracy and incompetent politicians , and an ever increasing badly educated population , and excessive and badly integrated immigrant population ..
    I am not the only one , many are leaving France and Germany which the press never talks about for obvious reasons .


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