The True Reason for Censorship


Unless you have been raised by wolves and only recently been freed from the wild, you’ve probably noticed leftists trying to label everyone who doesn’t believe exactly like they do as Nazis. If you have in fact been on a deserted island only to make good your escape days ago, you might not have noticed that social media outlets on the internet as well as video upload sites are “self censoring” on behalf of once again the left. Many think that this rather frightening mini chain of events is politically motivated but it goes much deeper than that.

In America we have, at least on paper certain creator given rights which were bestowed on mankind from the beginning. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were our new nations mission statement but our inalienable rights did not end there. In an attempt to identify and carve inalienable rights in stone the founding fathers constructed a Bill of Rights. These rights were meant to be added to if other God given rights were identified after the original penning. The first of these inalienable right of course is freedom of speech/press (press meaning the written word).

What most Americans assume is that since America was founded and built largely by Europeans (Germans are America largest ethnic group) that at least by 2017 they too would have at the very least, the inalienable right of freedom of expression. Sadly this is not true and hasn’t been since the end of WWII. Most of Western Europe is yoked with the kind of censorship and draconian punishments for violating speech/press laws that would make the average American throw up. One man in England went to jail for reciting the words of Winston Churchill in public. Think about that for a minute.


Censorship became the norm in Europe after WWII to prevent people from debating or criticizing the official Allied version of the histories of the 2 great wars. What this means is that in just about all of Western Europe any person speaking or writing or researching the events of WWI and especially WWII is subject to arrest and a lengthy prison sentence. Kinda sounds a lot like the former Soviet Union doesn’t it? Well it should because this kind of censorship is promoted and demanded by the same people.

So what has the draconian censorship policies of Western Europe (that magical place admired by leftists) have to do with the increased drive toward censorship in America and on the internet? It is because in America we can still discuss, debate and research all of the first half of the 20th century that same time period which is verboten to debate in Europe. This idea of flooding Europe and America with Muslims and using Muslims to help in the censorship cause is just another distraction from the truth you are never supposed to know or even suspect.

Something sinks about what we have been told about the world wars and it must be pretty awful. I mean think about it for a moment we expose everything don’t we. Kennedy was a whore monger, Johnson hated Negros, Nixon covered up a bugging, Carter was an idiot, Regan had Iran/Contra, Bush 1 was C.I.A., Clinton had ties to cocaine smugglers and enjoyed cigar fun, Bush 2’s wife killed someone, Obama is bisexual and a doper …… what exactly do we not uncover in this country? Everything gets put out on the table doesn’t it … eventually.

What if whatever Western Europe is trying to hide about the world wars is so terrible that it can’t risk being uncovered? What if the people knew, how would they react if they knew,  and how do the powers that be prevent the people from knowing?

This is why people who resist leftists are being labeled as Nazis and this is why Jewish owned Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube are “self censoring” to hide the truth. And what could that truth possibly be? …… It is ok if you made it this far everyone else who has made it this far is at the very least beginning to suspect the same thing.

Just to prove my point you might be interested in doing a little experiment. Go make a list of 10 web-addys of  YouTube videos or news sites that present evidence that questions the official narrative of WWII. Now take the list you made and find a place to hide it for 6 months. Making a list of 10 articles from Stormtrooper doesn’t count they must all be from different posters. After the time period has passed go back and see how many of those videos and articles are still available online. Someone will make many of them disappear can you guess who? I bet you can. What group controls the lions share of the media?

Who is funding leftists?




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