How Google, Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter are Destroying Themselves.


Years ago I started playing this game called World of Warcraft. Blizzard, the company often identified as the owner of the game (it actually got sold to a French company Atari several years ago) tried to moderate user chat by threatening people with suspension and/or actually banning people in game. Many of the gamers who play the game are children and young adults so chat was often quite colorful to say the least. For example people called each other niggers on a regular basis and players would look for any excuse to humiliate other players. It was a free for all Blizzard thought it could control.

Blizzard was never able to control in game chat. What ended up happening was that small groups of people who got off causing others pain would complain about players they didn’t like getting them suspended or banned. This caused a lot of bad feeling within the game among players fearing the wrath of these small groups.


Sound familiar?

Years ago when I first started playing Warcraft which was decades ahead of its time (Just before the BC expansion for those of you who played) World of Warcraft was the center of the gaming community. Today WoW is little more than a joke and I’m sure the people at Blizzard would do anything to get the people they victimized back. Now of course this idea of controlling players wasn’t the only reason WoW became irrelevant but it was a major factor and some of the other factors that lead to its demise were encouraged by the same players who trolled chat looking for victims. Basically nerd SJWs.

There is a lesson to be learned here that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are going to learn in a very painful way during the next several years if these organizations continue on the path of censorship as they have been. Just like with WoW someone is going to come along and take their product away. That’s right it is you, the users who are their product and it is you they sell to advertisers and you that their livelihoods depend on. Someone else is going to eventually come along and offer a platform for downloading videos so YouTube won’t be the only game in town and social media sites that offer freedom of expression and speech will eventually draw people away from the above mentions sites.

Fullscreen capture 732015 35704 AM

All of these sites are actually user created. Without user creations there is nothing to see. YouTube is trying to turn itself into a internet by demand TV station to try to ease its dependency of users but good luck with that. There are plenty of well established internet sites for that.

Now granted these companies will eventually pay the price for what they are doing now and rightly so. They will richly deserve what happens to them. Why you might ask? These are American companies who built themselves on freedom of expression and what they are doing now is about as un-American as it gets. They have a responsibility as American companies to spread our ideology of freedom of expression around the world and not turn America into the censorship cesspool nightmare that is Europe. These companies, these American companies, are betraying our values chasing the golden calf. They deserve to die and we can kill them by simply showing a little integrity and pushing them out of our lives as much as possible. Failure to do so is compliance.

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