Millennial Conservative Failure


Leftism is the ideology of arrested development among older Democrats and a product of sheltering and inexperience in young people. It has never been a successful ideology and it never will because it is fundamentally flawed. Anyone with a brain bigger than a walnut knows these things so I am going to assume that there are a lot more smart kids in college than there are dumb ones majoring in womens issues or social justice whatever.

The real issue on college campuses as well as within the general public is that the Binky sucking safe space lunatics are loud mouth bullies bent on a kind of totalitarianism that would make Stalin proud. These people should be treated like the scum of the earth that they are but instead a dying MSM props them up hoping to at least slow their irrelevance.  This too should be obvious among people who have brains larger than walnuts.

So where are all the smart young adults on college campuses? I’ll tell you where they are, they are in their own safe spaces cowering and hoping to make it through 4-8 years of secondary education intact. Quite frankly they are scared of the bullies and yes they have plenty of reason to be afraid of these violent cretins.


But at some point the sane people who go to college (as opposed to the children in Antifa garb) have to start standing up for themselves and what they believe and have to be willing to defend themselves with force. What kind of future leaders try to disappear into the woodwork because they fear the radicals on the left? Not very good ones.

The point is, Americas future doesn’t look so rosy. On one side we have radical lefties screaming obscenities and physically harming people and on the other we have …. Pleasantville …. a completely impotent group of people who through their silence and inaction have allowed the retards to absolutely control the college campus narrative.


If you’re not going to stand up against these radical leftists now, why would anyone believe that you would do so once your graduate and enter the adult word? Will you become the RINOs of our future? Will you give up an inch every day to placate the people you clearly fear? This is about your integrity and your willingness to stand up forcefully for what you believe in.

Let’s be honest here. These social justice warriors, radical leftists, and Antifa scumbags deserve exactly what that skank of a porn star got at Berkley, namely a fist in the face.


Maybe even a few fists in the face. But if Berkley taught you anything you should have learned that these scumbags are simply cowards who run at the first signs of resistance. Watching this trash run for their lives while real Americans chased them through the streets should help you realize that you just are not alone, you have a majority on your side.

Leadership is confronting evil. It is standing up on your desk and screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.” It is about organizing people that believe in America and our values and fighting the evil that threatens our home and our lifestyle. Leadership is risk and if you’re not willing to take risks you’ll never be able to lead anyone.

So for you sane millennials out there stop hating your generation and get off your asses and be heard. Stop letting pinko commie scumbags intimidate you into silence. Take your campuses back. And if you see someone burning the American flag, walk over and punch them right in the face.

commander trump


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