N. Korea: What Happened?


This weekend was supposed to be an epic middle finger gesture by North Korea against pretty much the entire world but especially the United States. For years North Korea has been behaving like the bully on the block especially since their first successful nuclear detonation. They have pretty much become the poster child for why countries who currently do not have nuclear weapons should never be allowed to possess them.

Last week Trump bombed the crap out of a mostly deserted airfield in Syria over some un-investigated incident that from day one reeked of a false flag incident. A week before North Korea was to fire their doomed rocket. Trump meets thereafter with the President of China and suddenly China is massing troops on the North Korean boarder.

Without a friend in the world North Korea faced Chinese troops to the north, South Korean and American troops to the south, new anti missile batteries in South Korean, Japanese warships, and an American armada at sea within striking distance.

There was only 2 choices possible. Launch the rocket and face the possibility of invasion or find a way out where Dear Leader can still save face. From all the reports that I have read North Korea’s big moment ended with the rocket detonation practically on its launching pad. In this situation there are only 3 possibilities. First that North Korea detonated the weapon so it could say they at least tried and after executing a couple of scientists Dear Leader could save face and avoid invasion. Second, the the United States took out the weapon with some laser beam from an orbiting satellite or ship at sea to remind that pipsqueak how awesome we really are. And of course finally that North Korea builds garbage weapons and it just detonated on its own.

Clearly the most likely scenario is that Kim Jung what’s his face blew up his own rocket to avoid invasion and save face but that is assuming that the Lilliputian isn’t bat shit crazy. He seems pretty bat shit crazy to me. So if they are taking odds in Vegas I’ll be putting my dime on the U.S.A. laser beamed North Korea’s hopes and dreams and the Lilliputian soiled his silk boxer shorts.



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