The Attempted Murder of Cultural Diversity


The Western World has been experimenting with cultural diversity for decades now and every time government tries to push such a thing it has ended in disaster. Remember busing public school kids? You probably don’t. Back in to 70’s some academics got the bright idea that kids should spend half their day riding around on a school bus and go to school with other kids they largely had nothing in common with and that this little process would lead to ……. another left wing utopia. Of course like all forced utopias it failed miserably. On a much larger scale Europe has been experimenting with cultural diversity with even worse results.

Culture diversity speaks of culture not necessarily race. Like cultures that cut the hands off of children for stealing bread, throw homosexuals from tall building, see women as cum dumpsters to be used willing or not and then tossed away. The Mayans had an interesting culture of murdering all the prettiest young girls and some babies for ritual sacrifices. Many cultures practice cutting out a young girls clitoris. Maybe they think it looks too much like a little dick.

From the standpoint of someone who believes in cultural diversity, all of these cultures regardless of how gentle or brutal have inherent value. Further, because they have inherent value they should be forced to live together so that each culture can take the best of the other culture and somehow this will eventually turn out into a nice peaceful homogeneous existence. Never mind that it took extinction for the Mayans to come around.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow wipe the slate clean and had areas where people of the same culture could gather among their own kind? I suppose we could desperately hold on to the myth that multiculturalism is strength and have a couple of areas for that too. This way the people who believed in chopping peoples heads off and tossing fags from the rooftops could do these things in peace and people who liked being laid back, polite, and hard working could also have their own place to do that …. in peace.

But culture aside there should also be places where only White people, or Black people, or Oriental, or Arab or Hispanic people live. So that these people, if they prefer to be around others of their own kind can do so in peace.

Multiculturalism is not strength Europe has proven that to the world. This is nothing more that another failed attempt by the left to homogenize the planet so it can be ruled over by a one world government. Cultures are diverse because they are apart and grow and evolve in different directions. When you mix cultures together they inevitably start mimicking each other or one dominates the other until there is only one culture.

Mixing cultures isn’t a celebration of cultural diversity it is the attempted murder of cultural diversity.



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