WTF Ladies? Has MGTOW totally destroyed you?


Ok so men don’t want you anymore. I get that. Really I do. Besides what did you really expect. Right now I’m talking to the mothers and grandmothers who did this to their daughters. You made being with women miserable for men. At some point the camels back was going to break. So you hate men and you demand …. well whatever …. and now your daughters are raping school children because adult men want nothing to do with them. Well done.

We aren’t talking lower class women here either. Just about every month another female school teacher is caught doing the nasty with children. These are middle class college educated women. These are women who wear pink pussy hats, call themselves victims, and probably don’t spend their Sundays going to church. Imagine how many of these female school teachers are doing the exact same thing and never getting caught. It isn’t like boys are encouraged to turn in sexual predators in the same way as girls are. Fact is the boys who do turn these women in are probably labeled as fags and all their lives have to listen to other guys tell them how much they wish they could have plowed their teachers. The worst part is these women are taught how to deal with students and how their psychology works. They know how to play these easy and safe marks.


The latest case was a woman who forced a cab driver to let her give him head. Things are pretty bad for women out there when a girl can’t give away a BJ.

sjp taxi

If this is supposed to be the way things are in modern days, well then Stewie Griffin crank up that time machine. We have all the proof we need that decades of modern thinking when it comes to relationships is all wrong. Families destroyed, female sexual predators, our children turning into fragile little snowflakes who suck on Binkys in their mid 20’s and need safe spaces to hide from the world in. How much more evidence do we need that it is all wrong and great-grandpa and great-grandma had it right all along?

Happiness is in a station wagon on a Sunday afternoon with the kids and your spouse. If you ever want to see that in America again we have a lot of changes to make in both law and society. We have gotten so far away as a people from the things that made America great that we have men dressed up as women openly competing with women.

Ladies you are doing this to yourselves. Stop it. Men used to hold you in high regard now you’re referred to as sluts, whores, skanks, bitches, and things to be pumped and dumped. And it’s getting worse not better. You think you can pull off the dream of the career and the Brady Family life? These days you’re lucky if you get the career.


As the changes we now suffer through came from women, the change back to sanity and femininity back on the proverbial pedestal where it belongs must come from women who realize that if you dress and behave like a slut you’re going to be treated that way. If you don’t care enough about yourself to stay in shape and keep your appearance up no one is going to care about you. There may be all kinds of fun clinical terms we can call people who believe such things but they are in fact the realities of life and part of the human being. The results of fighting against what worked are plain to see.

I suspect we’ll see a lot more female teachers raping minors and petty robbers of the female persuasion taking her victims privates into her mouth. The only question is how bad will it get before women realize what 50 years of feminism has done and are willing to turn the clock back to Father Knows Best.



2 thoughts on “WTF Ladies? Has MGTOW totally destroyed you?

  1. This is so right on ! In my retire community there are a lot of very lonely old hags that were raging feminists when they were young and now desperately scrambling about to find a sugar daddy to take care of them. But as things play out many of us MGTOWs have had enough and say ….wait ! there’s more to life then just putting up with some old hag nagging the shit out of me! There’s fishing, sports, tech fields, bike riding, reading, traveling etc……and all can be done with a younger women who wants to have fun and keep her attitudes under check and her mouth shut ! unless it’s for the other thing . In my area of Florida there are tons of lonely old feminists who are fat and ugly and there husbands have either died or given them the heave hoe! I have been an official MGTOW for the past 6 years and love the freedom and self respect I have gained back since my ex said good bye to me, and now she wants to have a relationship but I let her know that dog don’t hunt here anymore! I get such a kick out of the old hags faces when they see a young chick with an old guy hanging out at a starbucks or shopping and at restaurants . I used to think it was wrong but now after talking with these guys and they know the only reason she’s with them is for the money, but hey, now WE set the rules and if they don’t like it it’s hit the road bitch! there’s plenty who will play by my rules. For the real MGTOW it’s not hating women, but despising Feminism and not putting up with it anymore!

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