Something Stinks @ Google+


Some of you might recall that a couple of weeks ago TNN (the Trump News Network) posted our reach within Google+ with the end results being about 3.5 million views and another 3.7 or so million in viewed shared posts in the previous 7 day period. It wasn’t a particularly spectacular week for news and the site has been run the same way for 1 1/2 years.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the feeling like someone cut the rug out from under TNN. TNN has never been monetized so there were no advertisers to complain. About the only complaints TNN ever got was from triggered liberals and Muslims making death threats over truths about Islam (and a couple of cartoons).

So what was TNN’s reach over the last 7 days? Drum roll please.


That is a hell of a turnaround. From 3 1/2 million to not even 300 thousand. Something most certainly seems afoot. The content on this page has not changed in almost 2 years now. In fact on December 7, 2016, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, TNN spend the entire day destroying the official narratives of both world wars.  You’d think half of the pages followers would have exited stage left but maybe 2 people quit and the rest weren’t phased in the least (well ok maybe a little phased).


At this point I think TNN can save some money on private detectives and conclude that Google+ is actively limiting TNNs reach. And after I said some very nice things about them a couple of weeks ago too. See no good deed really does go unpunished. And I bet you thought that was just an old wives tale too huh.

Look I can’t say for sure that Google+ is trying to limit expression but with this insane goose stepping towards totalitarianism world wide it is hard to point the finger elsewhere. Google and it’s sister site YouTube are currently involved in some major un-American activities surrounding censorship as if no one on their staff ever read 1984 or wondered whether being an example for others to emulate is a far better course than being such money leeches that their actions would threaten the very concept of freedom of expression. Basically the thing that made them rich they now seek to abandon in favor of more riches. Not just abandon either, their recent censorship activities set ugly precedences other corrupt governments will eagerly follow. The end is near.

The thing is I can’t believe that Facebook (#facebook), Twitter (#twitter), YouTube (#youtube), Google+ (#google+) or any social media group based in the U.S. is getting away with this kind of thing. Where is the outrage? Where are my freedom and liberty loving comrades now that America and the world needs them the most. Kennedy said that there was a conspiracy to enslave every man, woman and child on earth and you know what, he’s right and what is worse is that not enough people are mad as hell enough to stop it.

I wanted to close TNN after the election so there’s a part of me that doesn’t care about the huge drop in viewing numbers for the page. If it died on it own that would be great but to die this way is just ……

There are people in our world who would take all from you and control every aspect of your lives. These people control social media online and wish to control more.  These people must be stopped.




One thought on “Something Stinks @ Google+

  1. I’ve often wondered myself why we Patriots as we truly believe we are don’t rise up as we did for our president-elect and start making some noise we have remained silent through this and it baffles my mind.

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