Syria: Yeah it’s Bad


How refreshing it is going to be to have someone who isn’t a politician run for and eventually become President of the United States. Well that was short lived. On the day Donald Trump sent Cruise Missiles to Syria he stopped being one of us and became one of them. Trumpamaniacs didn’t vote for Trump so the U.S. could bomb other countries who posed no direct threat to us. We had plenty of experience with that already in the 21st century and we haven’t even met the quarter century mark yet. Predictably all of the people Trump voters tend to distrust/hate , Democrats, RINO’s, Neo-Cons, and the like all gave Trump an “atta boy” pat on the head for his quick and decisive action.

Everything about the Syrian governments gassing of its own people narrative reeks of being a Red Flag event (staged). Making mustard gas is as easy as mixing Clorox and ammonia and delivering the product is as easy as an inexpensive drone. The people making this claim (White Helmets) are connected to radical Islam and this is known and some of the film they have produced doesn’t quite match up with their story. Assad had nothing to gain by gassing these people and everything to lose. The rebel forces however had everything to gain by killing their own and blaming the government.

If this was a trail and we were looking for a motive it would be the U.S. backed rebels who were the only ones who remotely had motive to carry out this act. In a murder trail motive must be established. But of course this bombing didn’t need an investigation because bombing them later if the scientific evidence jived with the politics, would be indecisive?

Trump may have gained brownie points with the media and his political enemies but there are families in our world that paid a harsh price so that the President could assert himself on the world stage. This is not going to sit well with many of his supporters ie. the people who voted for him. This does not sit well with me.

My intent was to give President Trump a pass for the next year. Certainly Obama got the pass and Hillary would have if she had won. That was my plan. Things change and the party is over. The Syrian issue is a major blunder and can lead to nothing good period. And it is a blunder of epic proportions in a region we are trying to get under control. So no more passes. Mr. Trump either performs to our expectations or we will toss him out with the bathwater. Hopefully there won’t be any more encore performances like the one we just witnessed but Trump used up his pass.

We are not in the business of nation building. We are not in the business of interfering in the internal conflicts within other sovereign nations. We are America first. We are proud American nationalists. Protect the boarders, create jobs, defend our country. We are NOT the worlds policeman.



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