Murder for Politics


North Korea has sent a lot of messages to the Western World and especially to the United States. Like it or not they have become a major player in world politics thanks to the Chinese allowing them to have nuclear weapons. Yet as far as I know North Korea hasn’t killed anyone en mass.

I read a lot of news stories and expert opinions every day and one of the more interesting assessments of the United States bombing a Syrian airport is the message being sent to China and North Korea because of Trumps decisive military solution. So we are up in arms because North Korea does a bit of saber rattling and to teach them and their mommy a lesson, the side of good kills people and tries to make enemies with people we could use to help destroy Isis.

I suppose with any new president someone has to die. Someone has to be made an example of so that our real enemies understand that we are not afraid to use force. Kinda like beating up the school fairy because a high school linebacker has been giving you the evil eye. Or in North Korea’s case the place kicker is the evil eye giver.

Killing people and making enemies as an example to others sounds a bit like every villain in every film ever made doesn’t it. I keep wanting to wrap my Christian values around this action but on that level it makes no sense to me. How cheap is human life when the side of good can snuff yours as an example to someone elses? Am I the only one who finds this kind of shit evil as fuck?

If someone has to die why can’t it be the people who actually threaten us? Are we such pussies that all we can do is beat up their friends?

If someone is accused of a crime, isn’t a full investigation warranted before any punitive measures are assessed and doesn’t the entity that is being accused have the right to defend themselves? I thought this is what America was all about. I feel like an idiot.



One thought on “Murder for Politics

  1. Trump should do what Reagan did and just tell the public who really ordered the bombing, but then Trump would be assassinated the next day. The real enemy is the S. African blacks killing White Afrikaners daily and just running a muck like wild monkeys out of control. But then our jew masters here don’t care about that because their white……..

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